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Tours on Hold, here I am this week and most of the next too

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Morning Lovers

Let's talk about our weeks so far, shall we? my week so far, it started in the most perfect way, meeting new people & reconnecting with some familiar ones too.

On my travels to Newcastle, was a gentle reminder of just how incredibly humble and kind some people are (you sir, if your reading this have impacted me dearly).
A little neighbourly celebration or two, playing up around the local bars and restaurants nearby the inner-city hub of Sydney.
Then Sydney reminded me why I adore being here in this city hub, early rendezvous with a special someone that travelled to the CBD 3+hrs is quite a distance, especially in peak hour, knowing you are making the transit for me is a big gesture indeed.

Feeling a little warm-hearted, elated and educated, yes I am not afraid to say it I am constantly picking up new skills, this week it was in the form of a personal tea lesson, yes, "TEA".
It happens when you start to become so familiar that champagne evenings are no longer a thing, and morning tea time is the more appropriate choice. So i was taught one can learn a lesson or two about the brewing and temperatures of tea, with a smile and a little cheek I was schooled on how to brew tea "T2 Style".

I must admit I have also enjoyed some lazy moments between the sheets, online shopping for new art between my studies, I only have another 300+ hours of credits I am yet to complete, this will continue the next month or maybe less depends on just how distracted I become.
Which brings us to last night, pairing with bubbles and early bedtime doesn't usually sound so exciting, but last night, I was lucky enough to work with two of my favourite play friends, Miss Nina Nyxx arriving back from her overseas adventures, and in keeping good company we invited along miss Cece Regin.
We had a little late-night social, we talked a little, round the table, until we were propositioned, "will you Strip"?
It's not often we are asked to strip, but we considered how much fun we all have together when we go out we thought, "why not?", stripping is just a little more tease and we can surely do that.
So we did, somehow we didn't get photos - so you will just have to use your imagination.........are you imagining??

And somewhere between the parties, welcome home striptease and tea lesson, my vacuum and dryer blew up - oh my lord I know why women like white goods now - there are just so many powerful options on the market. And, "yes" I got the biggest one "Dyson 11V" baby is it worth the price tag - so much sucking power!!!

Then there was legs day - will my new program, measurements and weights all checked in, you will surely hear more about our sweaty sessions soon.

There you have it, that's my week so far, can a girl possibly sit and smile a little longer - I wonder will you join me to share some stories or sip some bubbles, wine or will we share in intimate time?
here all this week and maybe all of the next too.

I have posted just the one image of what I look like over the early parts of the week :o) but should you come to see me, I will happily give you a SEXITARY show of your very own - best to drop me an SMS email or WhatsApp to arrange something, social or intimate. Why not be detailed as the designer of time shared, I will happily submit to most pleasures and pampering should you wish to be descriptive (tell me all, even how your week is going there?:)

I would love to hear from you, here's your call to action, contact me asap before the week becomes a little crowded with lectures and homework - save me from my books and mess up my week's agenda today

Leah Lux xx
Lux Companion & Sassy Sinstress
SMS. +61 477 492 532
WhatsApp; + 61 455 598 019

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