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Brisbane here I am, thanks for the Upgrade ️

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Hello Brisbane

Aren’t you all happy and smiley faces, why wouldn’t you be, with all of these hot sun kisses.
It’s a brilliant day to be position by the wharf here.
I thought it’s only fair to share in my experience to date, as I take a moment to immerse in this adorable little city, as my anticipation builds

My first wow moment on arrival, was when the reception staff said “complimentary upgrades”...hello big BATH placed by the bed OMG SO NAUGHTY and the suite position by the river “oh la la luxurious”, this is just one of the reasons that I love to visit here & also why I never wish to leave.

Bags are down for the moment as I’m here till Saturday, I’m off to do a little shop.
Another reason why I adore Brisbane, This city is so effortless and convenient.

Now, I must visit Lush to collect bath essentials, next onto purchase a new bikini (because I didn’t pack one & naked is not an option at this suave establishment).
Maybe a spot of casual dining a socialising with a couple of Brisbane ladies too.

Oooh and I also wish to hear from you too, After this day I’m going to want to share the pamper vibes.
Be sure to know I have one 6-10pm spot today if you wish to partake in my pamper and intimate play

Few other times Friday after 7pm & Saturday after 6pm too - message me without delay to help me make this experience a memorable one

Because TIME is the ultimate luxury, why not spoil yourself with a little or allot with me

Explicitly and playful pleasures await with me
LLux xx
Lux companion and sassy Sinstress @your convenience

SmS +61477492532
Whatsapp +61455598019

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