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Tours cancelled for Gold Coast GC600

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Feeling cosy I decided to avoid the hustle of yet another car event and snuggle into Sydney a little longer.

I haven’t nearly spent enough time here in Sydney and now with my Melbourne tour dates extending, I decided to cancel my Gold Coast tour and consider a far north tour later into February.

Quite literally adored my time in NewCastle and Canberra last week, attending with 3 bags leaving with 5 bags.
Bags full of surprise gifts and a quote large sum to help me settle a few weeks more in Sydney (so a very large thank you for this gents).

Sometimes all we need is someone to lay with us offering tender caresses, sweet words & orgasm after orgasm after orgasm
Maybe this could be me for you?

My exclusive CBD incall will become more available, so if you like the idea of
A casual morning fling,
corporate lunch affair,
mid afternoon celebration,
evening or night bookings are always possible too. Scheduled affairs are much easier for me to arrange.

Between the dates
Sydney                21-29th October
Melbourne          29th -01st and possibly till 09th November

Stay connected for updates.
Arrangements made early ensure the most relaxed encounter (and receive additional time, massage, smiles and adoration for your consideration)..

Be detailed in your requests for pleasures to follow, here’s a brief guide

Hello my name is:
I would like to see you please
At Time
the Location
for the Duration
and Services style + requests

I like to know in as much or as little detail - happy to just go with the flow if you share just a few details.

Many pleasurable moments await us.

Leah Lux
Twitter: leah_is_lux
I.G:        leah_is_lux

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