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Big Tour now in August uni spring break + my melb availability this week

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Hey babes so because it's tax time and I'm no book keeper it takes a while to get it done (it my amazing accountant I recommend to all and any sex worker email me if you want a contact), so unfortunately I've delayed it. Plus uni Starts Monday so I should at least show for the first class (no I have to I'm trying to HD this thang this semester).

So I'll start the tour at the beginning of Mid semester and I've added cities like townsville and Sydney! My home town sydney I think because I grew up there I'm not inclined to go back a lot, spent many years there haha and all my family live in Brisbane so there's no obligation to go there either but I'm totally staying in stanmore where my slutty school girl pics were taken at my real primary school (the more and more I think about that the more I worry that my back up job idea is to host children's parties. I'd murder a Barbie theme).

In any case I have had so many enquiries from the sunshine coast which is amazing thanks for your expression of interest and down worry I won't let you down, as soon as I book flights I'll start taking solid bookings and times. Its great to see expdessions of interest gives me a Gage on what to expect and that really helps so thanks guys!

Melb my love my life my sexy sexy babe, I'm going to be avail to come out and meet you from 6pm til late and Friday day - 12am, Saturday from 6am til 3pm and my fave party day Sunday see you between 8am and 3pm and after some. Beauty sleep I will do a Sunday graveyard 12am to 4am for all you in denial the weekend is over! Ha
I'll help keep u in denial became wednesday and Thursday is my weekend anyway ha.

You can pre book now and please do so if you wanting a day booking otherwise it probably won't happen. Let's make it happen!! Please.

Luv from Vivian v xx

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