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Lana Jade's Upcoming tours are her last until December-Limited availability

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Hello lovers from across Australia and New Zealand,

I hope you have had a fabulous week and have many debauchuous plans for the weekend!

I have 6 weeks approaching in which I am travelling across Australia and New Zealand touring as much as I can! I can honestly say I have never been more excited to tour and meet my amazing clients then this time around. I'm ready, insatiable and very much looking forward to making some insanely delicious memories and private moments for us to recall and get a little hot under the collar recalling. I am attempting to tour as much as I can in this time period because I won't be able to travel so freely until December.

My availability is running low, please get in touch if you are looking to have a luscious, play date with me.I prefer to see only a select number of clients each tour to ensure I have the maximum amount of stamina and excitement for each client or couple I meet. I believe in quality over quantity any day of the week!

I do strive to accommodate all inquiries, where possible I may be able to extend my tour if my availability is low...but you must get in touch so I can make the arrangements ahead of time, these will be my last tours until December, except perhaps a night or two to places close to Sydney, however I can make no promises.

I am available by request to certain locations to specifically meet you. If this is your preference, do get in touch.

I'm looking forward to some incredible dates and play sessions over the next little while, catch me while you can!

Love Lana xx
0426 218 250

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