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Tuesday make sweets with vivian v on the menu,,,,,PSE

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Hey babes is nigella.....I mean vivian v here!

Today I'm literally standing in the kitchen making cookies with a hello kitty plastic apron on and naked underneath. Sounds untrue but that's pretty specific to lie about lol

100% true I'm a real hooker of Melbourne today ,(and errrrrryday)

If you are keen for me to whip up some sexy GFE or PSE action for you dont hesitate to text me Melbourne hotties

I do 30 min in or outcall week days for my busy men. I know what it's like trust me so I here for you!

40 min pse is 300

30 min gfe is 250

(Outcall requires ordering me uber there and back and only avail week days 8am to 7pm)

Rest of my rates on my profile - like a picture and follow my profile and I'm giving $50 any booking 1 hour or more. Mmmmmmmmmm and you get a cookie ha

Text me what play you want, where, when and I will reply most of the time immediately unless I'm busy I'll send you a voice mail.

Looking forward to seeing you. I'm also avail Thursday day, Friday day/night, Saturday day (not night), sunday all day (pre booking sunday we encouraged it's my busiest day and many miss out), monday afternoon/night (also busy so pre booking recommeded) and of course TUESDAY now


Talk soon babes xxxx Vivian V

New instagram because insta took my other down grrrr


Twitter ^ vivian_vvvv

Kik message if you like - search
But warning I will.chrck texts and emails over kik cause I can forget about it but I will check it
Text is best method

(Deposit and cancellation fees may apply talk about it with me when you contact me. My accountant is my reference so if you feel not so safe depositing he can vouch for me you can call him from his accounting company number because I know there may be scammers out there. I'm not one of them my business is too important to me and I'm straight up just not that kind of person. Honesty and respect is important to me)

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