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Fly me to You - Canberra

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So i have currently made the decision i wont be touring Canberra in the near future. This decision has been made due to lack of genuine enquiries.

I have decided instead that if you wish to spend time with me in Canberra i will be offering Fly me to you packages instead. These packages require a minimum 3 hour booking plus the cost of flights to Canberra. I will require a minimum 50% deposit to arrange this.

I can cater to a range of different services and i am sure we can have an amazing time together. There are many things we can enjoy and experience together. And for all those who organise and make their deposits for this will be given an added bonus of 30 minutes added to your booking. So if you book 3 hours you will be given 3.5 hours of my time.

The last couple of times i have arranged visits to Canberra i have had enquiries from people or those who would say they will call and book once im in town and then dont and the visits have not become worth the outlay required to visit. So hence why i have come to the decision that this is how i will be organising future visits to Canberra for the foreseeable future.

So if you would like me to spend time with you in Canberra please get in contact and we can arrange a fly me to you visit and enjoy each others company.

I look forward to your call. - Check my profile or website for more details on what i offer.

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