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Lovers Lessons - Have you wanted to improve your skills for connecting better in the bedroom?

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Lover Lesson - This is my intimacy coaching area. I've mentored and worked with several men & couples wanting to further develop their sensual / sexual repertoire and general bedroom skills. In addition to helping clients who needed help getting their mojo back. Needed to get back into the swing of sensual interaction after breakups. Develop better pleasure giving skills.

Gain the confidence you need behind closed doors in a relaxed no pressure setting. It's an educational session that is informative, providing you with skills to take away. Just be aware that though this is an educational learning experience, it is still highly erotic and enjoyable for both of us.

Areas often covered include:
* safe sex practices
* importance of consent
* female anatomy, areas of male anatomy you weren't aware could be so stimulating,
* different types of play, such as deeper styled oral, positions, introducing dirty talk etc
* sexual dysfunction areas; premature ejaculation, erectile difficulties
* exploration of fantasies,
* sensory techniques including breathing to further increase orgasmic intensity
* sensual touch,
* genital stimulation techniques; gspot / squirting / prostate massage, milking
* anal play, rimming
* first time sex for virgins & anal virgins,
* anal play & greek,
* fetishes,
* introduction to Erotic Domination, BDSM (both as dominant and submissive).

I love this area of my work. I'm a very selfless person so being able to teach and share is extremely rewarding to me. I look forward to hearing from you for my Lovers Lesson work. And no need to feel embarrassed or shy, I have a knack for putting clients at ease in a heartbeat with my genuinely warm personality.

Besos, Josefina Cortés

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