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Are you a COUPLE or Bi-Curious / Bisexual Female / Lesbian? International Josefina Is Here For You!

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Let me introduce myself. I am Josefina Cortés. A Spanish-American bisexual woman, and I like my girl and couples time. Hot, Sensual, Delicious, Erotic, Fun & Playful.

Women, I invite you to come to me, so we can explore each other's bodies. I delight in female company, and I'm very good at what we do. It's a beautiful experience to kiss, cuddle, cooo with another woman, and that's before I really get busy pleasuring you. If you are bi curious, we'll take it at your own speed. But be warned, I've turned girls who thought they were straight wild pussycats hungry for more.

If you are a couple, I have enjoyed the erotic company of many couples. Be reassured that it will be a comfortable & fulfilling experience for everyone involved. Truly ssensual, sexy & DYNAMITE! The natural progression of the activities is what I love; the initial anticipation, sharing a glass of wine together as desire rises, the exploration, seeing the lingerie and the man hard in his underwear (a fetish of mine), voyeuring, her her, him her, him her her. Note that the booking is fully discussed for all areas of consent and the ground rules set. During session, consent will always be respected as we play. No one will be uncomfortable as your emotional, psychological and physical safety is upheld to the highest standards with me. Very often, my couple bookings have been extended during the get together, it's just too good to stop and more time is wanted. That's so HOT!

If you are interested in any BDSM play, my specialization is Erotic Domination. I revel at the opportunity to play with female flesh, curves, soft skin, to have you as my own, to treat you like my little Pet kitten. Perhaps you would like to see your male partner dominated. Perhaps he's a dominant and we sub. I am experienced and skilled in many areas of BDSM / Fetish / Role Plays which can be a delight you to explore and dip your toe in. Experienced players, game on!

Contact me for session information. Men/partners, you can contact me regarding a couples booking however I will need to speak to your partner.

Besos, Josefina Cortés
Mobile: 0431 433 432
Follow me on Twitter & Instagram : @BesosJosefina

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