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Important Update for Current & Potential Clients

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This announcement will contain a change in availability (which I will explain) & my next availability in Melbourne.

Hi guys

So my work break is coming to an end on the 14th Feb which is next Wednesday (I did a great job of staying off social media right not really lol)

My next availability in Melbourne is on the 19th of February and I have limited availability up till the 24th Feb. Just send a quick email to if you would like to enquire if I'm available to see you at a specific a date/time.

After the 24th of February, I will be going on another work break with an unconfirmed start back date, as there's a fairly serious personal issue I need to deal with. There's a small chance that I may have all I need sorted by the 24th of Feb, but this is highly unlikely.

As a guestimate I'd say around mid March - late March I will be on top of this matter that needs 100% of my focus and attention for a relatively short time.

If we have a booking locked in with deposit beyond the 24th Feb, after March etc, never fear, we are definitely still on

​I won't be taking pre-bookings for March at this current time, but April I am open to scheduling a date.
It's hard for me to predict the future, but I'm trying my best lol, and I'd say my estimates are fair.

A little off topic, but in regards to touring, I don't have any plans to tour at the moment, and don't think it would be possible until May/18 earliest, but mid year or after realistically.

All is well and I am ok, excited for tomorrow night
If you're a close client, you likely know what I'm referring to, or if you follow my twitter very closely you might have caught parts of what's going on in tweets that I really shouldn't have tweeted.. but, oh well.

​Let's hope there's a twist of fate & it's all sorted by Tuesday

Keep well guys,

Jessie Lee Pierce xoxo

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