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Hi Guys,

Just dropping in to let you know I've got a bunch of new clips up on
I'm really proud of my work, and an individual scene takes many hours to a few days to turn around, but I do love the creative process.
I find the creative process a little bit like giving birth. First comes the concept, creation, then the finished product is a little bit like giving birth.
Sounds a little crazy, but truly that's how it feels to me.

This month I moved up from being an MV girl in the thousands to MV girl 548, which is great as they have over 20,000 profiles and I'm not a cam girl as many of the girls have that market base already.
In November i hope to crack the top 100, which is a huge feat on the site, so it will also be quite the challenge.

I have hundreds of new and exciting scene ideas which are upcoming and at the moment I'm releasing an average of a scene a day.
In my membership package you can view 31 of my 37 scenes for as little as $7.42 per month, and trust me there's loads more scenes on the way.

Thank you all for your continued support, love and enjoyment of my work thus far. I look forward to continue to bring your pornographic fantasies to life!

Jessie xxx

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