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Good morning im back for two days! Then im off to croatia

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Kidding i wish! But Cuba is in the works. 100%. Bday 2019. Serious goal. Ha

Anyway back to the part y on friday night ! I've been packing to move all night. Ha. Whooot. Cray. My friend C called to say she was going to an orgy and i should come. Funny that's kind of my career. But for me the sex part of this job isn't the tough part, being with my clients is a rewarding part. A. because you are majority all legends. But also it means I've done my job well. I'm in a booking. Yay! Ha. Achievement

But even though I love my job i do have to have breaks. Every few weeks ill take a lil time one of those times i will GO TO CROATIA DAMMNIT.

So ill be avail this morning and til 12pm. Then tonight as well. And then avail Sunday all night too!

Next week ill still be taking only 3 bookings and one is already spoken for so if you absolutely wanted to see me next week pre book neeeeeowww. My bff making me cap it at 3. I can not ! Keep away. But I am moving so Males sense to have a time out get sorted and back with sexy naughty dirty nasty kinky extras mmm

Text me now for fun this morning xxx vivian V xXxX 0402455072

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