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Introducing my version of Netflix & Chill. Let me tell you all about it.....

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For those of you who are a little bit older as I am, this new service is reminiscent of the days when we used to have a little TV and a VCR in our bedroom and we'd snuggle up, watch a movie, play with each others bits until we couldn't take it any more so we'd forget the movie and you'd slip it in and ecstasy ensued. Well, this is what I'm offering, a slow burn petting session with food, drinks & movie that leads to hot sex.

This will happen in my very own personal bedroom as this is where my 50 inch TV is situated and I want it to feel intimate and personal. I have a king size bed with lots of pillows for plenty of room and comfort. An encounter that feels relaxed and genuine, just like on a date. I'm known for being a bit naughtier in more relaxed encounters like this as I really do treat it like a real date and you're my lover.

We can Netflix & Chill either during the day or evening. A booking time will need to be arranged with a little bit of notice of at least a few hours so I can prepare my personal bedroom and purchase food and drink items to your taste for our date.

I'm excited about this and can't wait to give it a go. This is my kind of speed when it comes to intimacy and for the savvy customer, do the math and you know value for money when you see it! I purposely priced this service affordably because I will truly enjoy these encounters and so will you!

Incall at my home: 3 hours for $500

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