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So if you have met me, or been following me on social media for the past year you would be well aware of my upcoming procedure on my derrière.
All hopes of an earlier 2017 surgery date are out the window & I'll be sticking with my original date of mid 2018.

After I have this procedure I'll be taking a minimum of 6 months off being Lola.
So from May 2018 - October 2018 - I won't be around. I will be removing all counts of myself.
My ad, my twitter, my snapchat, my email & my phone number will ALL be deactivated. I will be uncontactable for the entire 6 months.

As I've stated to a few, I do plan a return in November 2018 - after my time off. But as 6 months is quite a lengthy time - I can't make any promises. My situation may change during this time which leads to me not returning to the industry.
I have every intention to return as Lola 2.0, but I also don't know what my future holds either.
When in the states, I'm actually planning to run into Jake Gyllenhaal and live my happily ever after (I wish).
But in all seriousness - I may return, I may not.

So here's me, putting it out there.
If you would like to meet me, if you would like to meet my current derrière, now is your chance to do so.
My offical date that I will be going off the radar will be 1st May 2018. After this date all my social media pages & contact methods will be disconnected.

I am planning visits to my favourite cities before I do fall off the face of the earth, this includes:
Sydney, Perth, Canberra & Brisbane.

If my touring dates do not fall into your schedule but you would still like to see me before I go, you can arrange a fly me to you date for 4 hours or more. Or always have a sneaky trip to Melbourne for a rendezvous.

If I do make a return to the industry in November 2018 as Lola 2.0 - this will come with a rate increase which will apply to all clients, prior & new. If you would like to see my on my current, lower rates you have 8 months left to do so.

So this is just basically a friendly heads up what's happening with me & the future of me.
Thanks for reading!
Lola x

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