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Extra Special Longer Dates - from now until Christmas

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I know Christmas seems such a long way away... but it's really not. It's just under 3 months away! 89 days! Ahhhh!

In addition to this short period, I'm actually going to be out of the country from mid-November to mid-December, which means that our chances to lock something in are even smaller.

Because I love food, and wine, and your company, I've decided to make a little special between now and Christmas for all those breakfast, lunch, and dinner dates we go on.

Normally, my dinner dates are $1500 for 2hrs eating, 2hrs... playing cards ;) However, if you pay a deposit and organise a Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner date between now and Christmas, I'm offering to extend that time an additional 2hrs, for an extra $300. That is, we get to spend 6hrs together! 6! For $1800! Some of that does need to involve actual food and wine, but think of all the extra fun things we can do in those 2hrs!

Please text me on 0470657903 to organise our time together - time is actually running out in my calendar already, and I'd hate for us to miss out on spending some quality time together.

xx Charlotte

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