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*New Package* HITT Session!

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Hello there!

I have been pondering with the idea, of offering gym sessions with clients. I have just had four year anniversary, of when I first picked up a dumbbell. That spark my passion for lifting heavy, and pushing myself day in, and day out. Over the four years, I have gained 12kgs of muscle, and healthy body weight. I have finally found a happy median with myself, and my body. I understand that my body type isn't for everyone, but I didn't do it for everyone, I did it for me.

I love that I can push myself, everytime I walk in the gym. That I can bench press my own body weight, that I can be with myself, to conquer myself. I love it when clients, just admire my hard work. That they can see all the dedication, with the food, and training.

I get asked a lot, will I do body building competitions. No, I know a lot of people from the industry, and it isn't a nice place to be. What will happen in the next four years? Who knows, but I know that I will be still going to the gym, four to six times a week.

If you are Melbourne next, let me be Sargent major. I am not a easy person to train with, I don't like excuses. I can be your spotter, help you with your workout, follow mine, or let's just do some cardio. If you don't have a gym at the hotel or location you are staying. I can suggest Dorothy's on Flinders Street, it's only $10 entry!

This is a introductory rate......

HITT Session 2hrs - $700
In the gym session 1hr
Private time 1hr

Booking in advance is a must!

Until then......
Miss Eve

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