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One Year in the life of Lola Grace

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One year ago, a baby hoe was born.

Today, July 1st marks my one year anniversary into the life of a sex worker.
The escort you all know and love (or love to hate) Lola Grace.

It's been a fun ride and I'll happily say that it will continue for years to come.
This has easily been the best year of my life.
It was a bit of a bumpy ride at first, as I didn't know anyone within the industry, I didn't know how to start... but a year later here we are.

I've met some really lovely, genuine people over the year and I can't express how grateful I am.
I've never been treated which such kindness or respect within my personal life, like I have been by some of my clients. It always takes me by surprise.

My twitter addiction is real. From advertising myself to just telling you all about what I'm doing and what I like & dislike. I've sure shit a lot of people off, but I really couldn't give a toss. Like me, hate me I'll still sleep at night (if the aircon is on).

I can't forget the one & only "Dickhead" list in my phone. We are at a growing number of 563 Dickheads.

Also of course, Roger - you fucking legend. Aka my alter ego. Roger my man, has saved me from a lot of twats, time wasters, douche bags. We all know beloved Roger works for Jims Mowing. I'm hoping to gain some commission this year for my amount of referrals. You da man, Roger. Keep it up.

Amanda Valentina, this lady. Amazing. I didn't think I could come across someone with my love for all things Boobs (among other things). But I am a #1 fan of yours.

My clients. Thank you.
Thank you for contacting me correctly, treating me amazingly and spoiling me like no other.

Scarlet Blue. Thankyou for having the easiest to use, most amazing advertising platform. Without Scarlet blue, I wouldn't be where I am right now.

Words can't express what an amazing year this has been. But, clearly I tried.

I Lola, will continue to Grace you with my presence. (See what I did there)

You're Welcome. xo

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