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Busy little Bee by the name of JLP (Melb availability)

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Busy little Bee by the name of JLP.. certainly feels like it!!

If you're wondering when we can enjoy each other's company in beautiful Melbourne, the short version is I'm taking bookings for the Friday the 4th of August

If you would like to know what I'm up to, the long version is.... I'm off to Canberra for the rest of this week, arriving home on Saturday and booked on Sunday.

Next week I'm busy with a bunch of different things like 3 hours of private pole dancing lessons to brush up for my Underbelly role, if you're going to do something, do it well I say! I have a costume fitting for the role next Wednesday, which is nerve racking and exciting! I'll try to take a sneaky selfie if I can! Hopefully I'll get the dates of filming soon!

Preparing myself & getting my medical for my porn shoot the following week on the 9th. As well as organising my photo and video shoot on Monday the 7th.

Also sneaking in a few beauty treatments as you would imagine, as well as a few other things :-)

That will be my first week of August, the following week is looking to be exciting and eventful as well. Just the way I like it!

My full time study resumes on the 28th of August and I've started making a study/work/life time table. I will be studying at least 25 hours a week, so my work availability will come a definite second. I won't have the same amount of time to be online, respond to non booking messages, or be availabile for as many bookings as I am now, but I will have some limited availability each week, first in best dresses.

I will make another announcement in about two weeks explaining exactly what my weekly availability will look like once study starts, but my escorting availability will average out to a casual job type hours, roughly about 6-10 hrs per week. As many of my bookings are multi hour, (which I definitely do prefer) this won't leave a large number of individual appointments.

Hopefully that makes sense about how things will be chnaging for me, I hope it does, I will shave time for bookings, just not as much and it will pay to plan ahead.

I hope that the month of July has been treating you well, and I hope that the month of August will be even better!

Keep warm, have fun, and I'll see you soon

Jessie xoxox

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