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What's Coming Up in the World of Jessie... and When Can I See Her?

I hope you're finding creative ways to keep warm in this cold spell we are having in Melbourne!

The rest of July is going to keep me very busy, but I do have some spare time on either Monday the 24th or Tuesday the 25th afternoon in Melbourne.

If you would like to see myself and Tash Cameron for a double this month we can try to arrange it for next Monday or Tuesday depending on Tash's schedule.

After that I'm off to Canberra on the 26th arriving back on the 29th July and am booked till Monday the 31st.

August is looking to be an eventful and exciting month!

My study resumes in late August, and I will be studying full time, biochem & nutrition. I will be limiting my weekly availability fairly drastically, I'm yet to decide by how much, but it will be first in best dressed.

I have photoshoot & videography filming on the 7th August.
I'm filming 2 porn scenes for Aussie Ass and Aussie POV on the 9th August.

I'm also in the filming of Underbelly next month between the 7th August - 1st Sept, I'm unsure of the dates as yet but I have been told it's 10 hour days.

The first week of August I will be spending a lot of time in the gym as you would imagine, as well as getting organised for a busy month, but I will have a little time to see one or two clients.

I'm not able to take bookings beyond the 7th August until I have some solid dates for filming (and I think I'll have them soon) unless you are flexible with meeting date and are happy for me to change the appointment time should need be. I can take prebookings for September, and it's always great to get in way ahead of time, that way you can plan your schedule to what suits you best and I can plan tours around Melbourne bookings, plus we both have something fun to look forward to!!
I meet the agent at the filming, and if it all goes well then I have decided I will pursue part time in acting. It's fun, creative, I'm good at it, it's great pay, why not?!

I won't be touring in the month of August and will be in Melbourne for the month

I know the dates of my lab classes, so in the next few months will likely set a tour to Sydney, Perth and Hobart between now & the end of the year.

So many different and exciting things popping up on the horizon, and of course a few other exciting things that I'm working on, but can't tell you just yet

I can hardly wait!!

On a final note, I am really busy at the moment and in the next month, I am also 100% self managed, please excuse any delays in responses or if I fail to respond to a polite and well structured enquiry, I may have opened the email or text and if I don't reply straight away I definitely always forget as new msgs come in, it's not personal, I try my best.

They say time is our most precious commodity, I'm always most grateful to those who are respectful of mine.

Sending you love & kisses & lots of good vibes and I hope that next month is half as exciting for you as it is for me!
I'd say just as exciting, but I don't think you could handle it

Jessie xoxo

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