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Winter is Here! Is it time to Indulge in some Class?

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Winter is here and it is the perfect time to find yourself the ultimate Cuddle Buddy and Companion.

Indulge in a little bit of Taylor Rose this Winter. Feel totally at ease and comfort knowing that your investment will be maximised with every inch of attention given to you throughout your booking plus more. Life is too short not to indulge so what are you waiting for? Contact me to Pre-Book some Winter Warming Cuddles. For a Day or Night you won’t ever forget!

Note to all of my Potential New Clients: Re: Screening

Due to numerous attempts from certain people with too much time on their hands to make false bookings and other attempts to put my safety into jeopardy, I do follow a strict screening process which has once again been reviewed. This is for no other reason but to further protect myself, nothing more, nothing less. Before any booking is confirmed, a telephone conversation must occur between us both, this will establish the initial connection and give me confirmation that you are “a real person”, not simply hiding behind text. This will be done at the discretion and privacy as to when it suits you, this detail, we can discuss when you make first contact with me. Please also note that Private Numbers will never ever be answered or accepted.

I do have a few other very simple screening processes that are part of my booking process which I will also discuss with you at the time of booking. I take privacy and discretion extremely seriously for both my client and I, and more so due to the recent Brighton Siege events in Melbourne. I will always continually re-evaluate how I screen to ensure both parties are protected and to try minimise from my end the attempts at falsifying bookings, private call harassment and any other bullying type of methods that have taken place recently toward me.

I absolutely appreciate your co-operation and I know those of you who are looking for a companion that does take these matters seriously will also have the same level of respect wanted when it comes to their own discretion and safety, especially when it comes to investing in the perfect companion to spend time with.

So, without much further Ado! I very much look forward to hearing from you in due course for your main course. XoX

With Love Taylor Rose

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