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My wonderful clients and prospective clientele,

exciting news, my website is nearing its completion after weeks of tinkering.

It will cover all the basics you need to know to spend time with me including technicalities such as my deposit and
cancellation policy, my dealing with your personal details including the use of these, my approach to discretion and
attitude to sexual health.

A blog and newsletter will be incorporated which I am thrilled about. It will be great to have my own platform to host
my thoughts, ideas and news.

In the near future I am planning the restructuring of my rates. Personally I do believe in the two tier option any longer. It is
often hard to draw the line between being your sensual Pin-Up Doll girlfriend or the alluring Sex Kitten in the passionate
heat of the moment.
Right now I am still toying with different variants but the existing packages will be the same or very similar and a new exciting
option is to come. My hourly rate will increase to be able to accommodate the most intimate experience to flow freely.

My longstanding and beloved regular clients will not be affected by these amendments until the end of this year.

If you have any questions such as if I consider you a regular, have ideas or feedback for me, please feel free to connect
with me via email in a tactful manner.

Much love,

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