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Sydney visit July 16 !! and Sunday nite 5 star special

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First things first SUNDAY NIGHT Kennedy and I are having our Doubles of nothing night we do occasionally always in 5 star style.
THIS Sunday night in Melbourne -5 star EVERYTHING FOR our men. There will be a private spa involved (of course) and we will pleasure you and make you feel like the only man in the world. We good cause we love it. We also only taking two bookings or one longer one. If you are interested pre-book now it's going to be a treat for our Melbourne men who are good to us. Call me or leave text message and I'll call back 0448910568

FIVE STAR DOUBLES rewarding our Melbourne men we have lots of lurrrrrve for.
If you would like to see either of us solo book a room at the park Hyatt or very close by (if it's park Hyatt you will get one of my deals either extra free extention or $50! Off booking fee) that can be arranged very very easily.....0448910568

If you are a couple you are very welcome, we welcome women into our bookings and I also have a hot male escort to bring in to mix things up. Watch your wife/friend/GF be seduced by other people. It's very sexy.


SYDNEY TOUR!!! 16th to 19th July

...for 4 days ha. We are doing a naked photo shoot so while I'm there I would also love to meet the Sydney Scarlet Blue members.

On request I will fly up earlier on the Friday if anyone is wanting a Friday or Saturday pre-booking/service. Otherwise im only avail school nights while I'm there.

Melbourne gets lots of my love, Its time for my Sydney men to move on in more and more and more. My Sydney clients are always so cool, classy, fun, and have sexy bad boy elements mmmmm.

Otherwise I'll be in town Sunday July 16 for night bookings til midnight,

I have my photoshoot July 17 but willl take night bookings

lTuesday 18th of July i have full availability you probably see me hanging out at the tropo cafe alor ha.

Leave Wednesday boo but hopefully be back in September or you can always come here to see me anytime you want>>> Special exciting note about my Sydney trip ,~~,~~~~,,,,,,~,,,

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