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High Protocol Submissive Packages

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Submission is where my heart lies. It’s something I’ve pursued in my private life since I first learned about sex. Few things arouse me more than a man (or woman) who knows exactly what they want, how to control me, and how to get the most from their submissive.

I have been formally trained as a submissive, and have knowledge of high protocol, positions, and the appropriate behaviour for a submissive. I am not a heavy masochist, but prefer the intoxicating passion of deep submission.

As such, I have decided to start offering these as extended dates, for those who want to explore D/s a little more deeply than can be done in just an hour or two.

In these sessions, everything is under your control. Do you care to control my speech, eye contact, and behaviours? Do you have an eye for detail, and want to choose my nail polish, makeup, and lingerie? How shall I address you in these hours?

In the first hour of our date, choose my outfit for me, and let us negotiate the time we have ahead of us. Select a beautiful, but discreet collar for me to wear, to show that I am yours.

During these hours, I am under high protocol, and your spell. For the gentleman who truly relishes Dominance and submission, taking his submissive to the edge, and holding her until she knows she’s safe.

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Can't wait to see you xx

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