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So, as many of you know if you have either met me or follow me on various social media platforms that I'll be heading to Miami at some point this year to alter my derrière.

This is no secret, nor do I plan on keeping it one. I actually plan on showing you ALL my actual surgery via Snapchat & Twitter. I am in no way ashamed of my choices to alter my body via plastic surgery therefore I invite you on my journey.
My surgeon is a well known snapchat king - I will be consenting to all aspects of my surgery being broadcasted to his MILLIONS of Snapchat followers.
And this will include you - I will post links at the time where you can also view, if interested my surgery.

The point of this post is that - I am currently on a waitlist to have this surgery completed over in the U.S.
The date could come available at ANY time from now. I will only receive four weeks notice until I'm having the surgery.
When I get the date telling me that I need to be in Miami, I will be immediately unavailable for up to 4 months in total.
I will be taking down my advertisements during this time and only contactable via social media.

My current date is scheduled for June 2018.
But if all goes to plan, I will be receiving a date this year, which I have been told is more than likely to happen

So if you have been tossing up whether to see me, there's no time like the present.
After my surgery and when I have begun to advertise again, my entire ad will be revamped and this is including my rates.
Following my surgery - will include a rate increase that will take place immediately upon my return.

So if you would like to see me, at my lower rates you need to do so before I disappear from the face of the earth for 4 months.
As I've stated - I don't have an earlier date, yet... but it's based on cancellations so could happen at anytime.

So stop thinking, start doing. Come meet me & my little booty before we undergo our transformation into a thick goddess.

** Any negativity or stupid remarks about what I'm doing will be blocked. Support only invited **

Lola xoxo

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