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I have been deliberating for some time what to charge returning clients and regulars. Over time this has changed which has caused some confusion, so I have been looking at ways to simplify it.
When I first started escorting I told all my clients they will be charged the same rate as their initial booking, rewarding their loyalty. This causes some issues as I have gradually increased my rates and some clients who have not contacted in over a year expected me to charge them their starting rate, this is not plausible as I am not offering the same services and duration as I was when I first started, and I am accepting a smaller amount of bookings. I then changed my mind and started only charging regular clients their starting rates for the same service, again with its issues. What do I classify as a regular client? What if they want a different service? Then there's the issue of new clients who see on a more regular basis who I would like to reward, what can I offer them?

With all this in mind I have decided to create 3 different VIP rates. These rates are based on what I have charged in the past so it is very similar to their starting rates. This is only offered to regulars who I have seen more than 3 times in the past 6 months; or more than 2 times on tour. In the foreseeable future the rates will not increase, even if my base rate does so I can reward my regular clients with discounted rates, extras, and more flexible bookings.

I have structured my VIP levels as followed:
Gold VIP - to qualify you must have had 3 bookings in the last 6 months.
​Diamond VIP - to qualify you must have had 3 bookings in the last 3 months, or at least every second time I tour in your city for minimum 2 bookings.
​Platinum VIP - to qualify you must have had 2 bookings in the last month, or 1 booking every time I tour in your city for 2 consecutive tours.

I have now set up a VIP page on my website with these rates which is password protected with VIP rates, extras, and the occasional specials.

As I do not to contact any of my clients without prior permission, if you have qualified to become one of my VIP, or have any questions please contact me!

Billie xx

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