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Jessie, what are all your apps? An explanation...

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Hello everyone,

So I have connected and offer some digital services through apps, although it's clear for some, I understand it's a little bit confusing for others, but never fear, here's the indepth explaination.

Snap chat is where I post erotic pictures and videos. Occasionally I will make some videos of inside bookings and share them, or I make solo videos. Occasionally I will have a chat to snapchatters somewhat of a "video diary" although this is fairly rare and has happened about 3 times.
SnapChat is a once off membership fee of $69 which gains you unlimited access.
I recommend checking daily as I post in bursts usually, there may be a set of 30 photos and 10 videos over one or two days and then nothing for a few days if I'm having sometime off.
Since this is a once off life time membership fee the posts are frequent, and sometimes daily for a stretch of time and other times not. Since it is what I am doing on a said particular day, if I am off for a few days and relaxing, there is not a lot to show so maybe no posts. I do occasionally share past posts.
On snapchat I don't always check or respond to messages, I simply forget to check them and have turned off the notifications, other wise my phone would never stop.
Please email for deposit details.

Only Fans
Only fans was created primarily for International users for whom it is difficult to make payment for my snapchat account.
On Only Fans I host erotic pictures and videos and unlike snapchat they stay on file and can be accessed at any point. Snapchat has a video limit of 10 seconds, whereas Only fans does not. Majority of what I am sharing on Only Fans has already appeared on my snap chat. Since only fans is accessible from a computer I can upload some different material. Since I do have some users on both snapchat and only fans, I am uploading some exclusive material to Only Fans.
Only Fans does automatically post on Twitter when someone subscribes, I apologize as I know it may be a little annoying, but it is just the way it is.
Only fans also have a private messaging option where you can "unlock" private content, so if you would like to request private pictures or a view, it can be safely viewed and purchased through the application. Since this is a subscription service I am posting every weekday. The only fans monthly subscription is currently set at $9.95 which you can drop in and out of at anytime and is charged through a 3rd party.

Alua is a chatting and messenger app. It is used for written text back and forth.
I have used it for sexting sessions with some clients and also for general chit chat. Beyond my fans and clients, Alua have their own customers whom I chat with.
Alua charges vary and are based on the credits packages you purchase through the app and are charged through a third party.

Hopefully that all makes sense and has clarified some questions, a summary is
Alua = erotic chatting
Snapchat = nudes, "homemade snap porn" and various other snaps into an escort & pornstars life
Only fans = useful for those internationally, who want snap chat + a little bit more

I don't think you are missing out on a lot if you are only on snapchat or only on only fans, only fans will have the entire snap chat catalog but depending on when you jumped on to snap chat you have seen most of it at a time, however would you like to view it repeatedly then only fans is great, and if you are a big Jessie fan then Only Fans with have some exclusive content so it will be something you will enjoy.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and if these 3 options don't work for you then I hope you enjoy what is posted on my Twitter and Instagram

Jessie xoxox

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