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IMPORTANT - Current/past clients please read

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Hello past lovers,

I didn't really want to make a public announcement but to avoid confusion it seems like it is the best option.

I have had a slight rate increase, again, I didn't really want to talk about this publicly.

I've found myself working 5/6 days a week as well as studying full time as you already know and I haven't been coping well with this load at all.

Therefore I have had to increase rates slightly. I would like to offer past clients the extension of my last rates, don't worry if you have forgotten the rate I saw you at, just get in contact with me.

There's only so many hours in a day and escorting is secondary to my studies, so I appreciate the understanding.

This applies to all upcoming and prebooked bookings as well.

For future clients,

If you are feeling like this isn't really fair, rest assured it was a reasonable and modest increase. If you become a frequent client, I'm happy to extend these rates to you also. If you would like to pre book a few dates then perhaps we can work something out.

The fact that I have gained a fair few regular clients speaks volumes to me, that I am doing well and people are happy and that's important to me.

As time goes on, and the Pierce family of clients grows, I may need to change this extension or offer, but for the moment, it is as above.

I hope this makes sense, I don't really like talking about rates. If you find this confusing please get in touch with me.


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