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Good morning to all my lovely readers,

Within myself and my life I have explored and centered my life around all my own morals and enjoyments, and it's from this that I close one part of the chapter and open a new. Last night I was offered to spend a lovely evening with a couple, and this is something that I would normally take in with so much pride that they wanted me to be a part of something special for them. I mentally though found myself unavailable for this, why? The answer is simple, although this is something that I love doing - the more and more I am doing this in my private life (and being the one to bring a wonderful lady or couple in) the more special I want this to be for everyone involved.

It is from this that I will no longer be seeing couples. As much as I love it, I would love for it to still have to mean something in my life and to those who I share it with. I have to thank each and every one of the lovely ladies and couples I have seen over my time working and each one will hold a special memory for me.

So for the sun to set on one journey a new one will rise with each day.

With much love,

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