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My Gift to You - Bonus Time and Christmas - NY Day Holiday Availability !

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* DECEMBER 2017 - My Gift to You: BONUS TIME *

Thank you for all your support this year and Happy Holidays! I treasure the erotic journeys we partake in together and look forward to future adventures. Bonus Time applied to ALL bookings.

BONUS TIME examples: 15 minutes allocated for each hour (pro-rata), for example:
- 30min booking gives you 37.5 min with Bonus
- 1 hour = 1 hr & 15 min Bonus
- 2 hours = 2 hours & 30 min Bonus
- 4 hour Lunch or Dinner date gives you a 1 hour Bonus becoming a 5 hour meal date
- 12 hour overnight = 3 bonus hours, total 15 hours - lots of time for breakfast in bed

* Christmas Eve through New Years Day *

I have two special presents for you this holiday season.....$500 off my extended 12 hour booking (daytime or overnight) AND with My Gift to you - Bonus Time 3 extra hours included.

What do you have planned for the Holidays Break? I'm in Sydney away from my loved ones, they're are all overseas. Your might be too. Maybe you just don't want to do the family Christmas thing this year, instead indulge yourself in holiday sexy cheer.

We can have our very own special Holidays together. I'll have my stockings filled up with goodies just for you. You know how much I like my stockings! We'll exchange presents, enjoy a beautiful meals together, we'll have a lot of time to explore each other. Surely be a great day for a swim, oh how I love to play and kiss in the water. There's something about going into nature for intimacy that is exhilarating. Help me adapt to Summer Christmas, it's so different from Winter Christmas. Maybe you'd like to watch a movie, we can cuddle up doing that too. Though I have a feeling we'll end up turning it off as we get turned on. Perhaps I'll get into my shiny red latex or French lingerie and do a dance, just for you!

With my December Gift to You : Bonus Time, you will get an extra 3 hours included in your booking. That means 15 hours of Holiday cheer, time to enjoy each other and celebrate 2017. Plus all my extras are included at no extra charge, you can mix up my services anyway you like. I'd love to teach you some new things for the New Year!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe festive season! I look forward to your inquiries, whether it's a hour booking or entire day (or longer!). HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Besos, Josefina xo

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