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As one year ends, it's almost time to say goodbye to Lola.....

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2017; A year which has flown by unlike any other....

All year long I have been telling my clients about my hiatus in 2018.
Finally - it is almost upon us.

To those who follow my social media - it is no surprise.
To those just tuning in now - i'll make you aware of whats to come in 2018 for Lola.

In a mere 125 days, 18 weeks, 4 months, 3000 hours - how ever you choose to look at it... I will be deleting my existence.

Lola Grace will not be found on Scarlet Blue.
Lola Grace will not be found on twitter, or snapchat.
Because simply, Lola Grace will not exist.
All traces of me will be erased for a period of time, which I have not yet decided.
Currently I am looking to take a minimum 4-6 month hiatus from the industry. I can't quite confirm when/if I will be returning.
I will not be contactable by anyone - my phone number & email will be erased alongside my advertisement and social media accounts.

30th April 2018 will be my last working day prior to my time off.

I will be doing a last round of tours to my favourite cities on the following dates:

Canberra 16th-19th FEBRUARY (Braddon)
Brisbane 22nd-23rd MARCH (Cbd)
Perth 26th-30th MARCH (Burswood)
Sydney 19th-22nd APRIL (Bondi Junc)
I am available for interstate invites between now & 30th April 2018. Interstate invites will incur an additional travel cost on top of booking.

Melbourne - I am available 7 days a week when not touring.
For new clients I require a minimum of 24hrs notice for all bookings.
Clients whom I have met I will try my best to fit in any short notice requests (notice preferred)

This is just an additional warning on top of the 100 I've already given everybody.
If you would like to meet me, or spend some extra time with myself this is your chance to do it.

2017 has absolutely flown by, so will the next 4 months.

If I do return to the industry it will be no earlier than September 2018 - but I cannot confirm any details at this time.
If Lola does return - it will be followed with a rate increase for new and existing clients.
So, take advantage of my lowest rate I have been whilst you can.

** Please note I do NOT require deposits for MELBOURNE based bookings - unless a booking has been cancelled before by client **
** Deposits & Pre Bookings are required for ALL TOURING bookings from new and existing clients. **
** Deposit Terms & Conditions *
A Deposit is required for ALL pre arranged touring bookings.
Deposits are non refundable in any situation where cancelled by client. When booking is cancelled your deposit will be completely forfeited.
In the unlikely event I need to cancel our booking a credit or full refund will be offered of deposit amount. **

I would like to thank ALL the clients I've had the pleasure of meeting this year. It's so refreshing to meet new faces and hear new stories. Everyone that I have met this year has treated me with so much kindness, generosity and respect which I am beyond grateful for.
At times it's no lie it can be frustrating dealing with the amount of idiots we have to, but luckily only the good ones make it through the *simple* booking process. The kind men I meet well and truly make up for all the other BS. So thank you for taking the time to read my ad and meeting with me this year.
2017 has flown by, but they do they time fly's when you're having fun. I've had endless amounts of fun this year with each and every person I've met. It's been an absolute blast. Let's keep the good times rolling.....

Love your friendly neighbourhood hoe,
Lola x

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