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Amanda Valentina :: Helping the Homeless :: Christmas Day 2017

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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my news and announcement.

Via Twitter, I recently requested that all Melbourne based touring escorts collect all toiletries and personal hygiene items from the hotels or serviced apartments they stay at whilst working interstate. I further requested these items be posted to me or be available for collection. I would then provide these items, together with food vouchers, money, and other gifts, to those who are homeless and living on the streets in Melbourne, on Christmas Day.

I was in Hong Kong when I decided I would spend the day playing Santa to those who don’t have the luxury of a roof over their head, let alone a family or loved ones to wake up to.

Having lived in the inner-city of Sydney for 4 years prior to relocating to Melbourne, in particular, near the Wayside Chapel in Potts Point (a drop in community centre), I spoke with many about their homelessness, their fractured or estranged relationships with family members, and often, about their exposure to domestic and/or sexual abuse.

In and around the neighbourhood I would walk past the temporary outdoor ‘bedrooms’ - usually comprising a mattress and/or pillow; a plastic bag or a crate containing some personal effects. There’s a small proportion of the homeless population who still remain with their beloved pets - their only constant companion.

I would wander through the streets of Darlinghurst and observe food trucks (Father Riley’s Youth Off The Streets) cater to those in dire need. The CBD and inner-city streets, in most metropolitan cities, are eye-opening to say the least.

For many, basic human needs such as food, water and shelter can’t be met. The streets become their home as there is nowhere else for them to turn. Whether it be (and not limited to) a lack of financial resources, no government assistance or housing, a mental illness, or a drug or alcohol dependence - those who are homeless are living day-to-day with limited options available.

No family. No money. No immediate prospects.

What can I do?

What can we do?

Since arriving at the decision to spend Christmas Day helping those who live on the CBD streets of Melbourne, I’ve undertaken to commit to some sort of monthly community service to assist those less fortunate. I’m in the process of making enquiries with organisations, local councils, retail food premises, and other regulatory bodies with respect to my ideas. I have some great concepts in mind that I plan to execute once I’ve conducted of the all necessary enquiry and research.

Further, I wish to thank EVERYONE who has contributed either financially, or by offering to donate their time and labour by assisting me on Christmas Day. You are ALL amazing human beings with beautiful, big hearts filled with love, empathy and sunshine. Your generosity of spirit is appreciated, and immensely so. I am so overwhelmed by the generosity of those who have requested my banking details for the purpose of contributing to such a great cause, and also to those who just did because they had my bank details saved (a big thank you to those generous friends and clients).

I have also leased a post box in the Melbourne metropolitan area for those who wish to send their hotel toiletries and other personal items. I am happy to provide those postal address details to those who make direct contact with me. It’s important for me to keep record of what is being posted to me in order to manage this cause effectively.

In the interim, I invite all other members of #TheEscortCommunity to ponder for a moment as to what they can do, independently or collectively (within their network of friends) during this impending holiday season for someone less fortunate than themselves. Be that person or group who brings a smile to another’s face today. Whether we donate money or our time - do something for someone in need.

The conception of #TheEscortCommunity - an initiative by Amanda Valentina: Twitter @TheEscortAmanda, aims to not only encouraging the adult industry community of Melbourne to champion together for a good cause, but to also inspire others who work in similar industries around the globe to make a difference within their immediate community.

Whether it be providing labour in a voluntary capacity, donating clothes or money to a worthy cause or registered, reputable charity organisation, or hitting the streets donating basic essential to those who are homeless - it all makes a difference. Together, can make a difference.

Please feel free to tag me in your posts using the hashtag I’ve created for this very purpose. I will then RT this for you to help spread #TheEscortCommunity word.

Love, Amanda Valentina

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