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Amanda Valentina :: Clients, Lovers & Friends :: 2017

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The year is almost over and I cannot help but think: where on earth did 2017 go? The older you get, the faster life passes us by, that’s for sure. In having said that, although it’s been a whirlwind 12 months, it’s also been an emotionally rewarding and successful one at that.

Life, for me, will never stand still. As someone once said to me: there’s plenty of time for sleep when you’re dead. A fear of missing out, perhaps, or an acknowledgement that life is short and we’ll be gone before we know it. In any event, I’ll make the most of each and every day I’m here on Mother Earth.

I work hard and I play hard. I live life to the fullest, and unapologetically so. Often people have told me to “slow down and relax”, but I’m inspired by life’s journey and I will always seek new adventures and experiences. I’m happy and content with my life, and I’m where I want to be for now.

Thank you to all who contributed to creating memories with me in 2017. Individually, and collectively, you’ve enriched my life. I’m eternally grateful to have been exposed to, and to have met, some wonderful humans during the course of this year.

A heartfelt thank you to those couples who invited me to share in their journey of sexual exploration and courageous curiosity. Your trust in my professional guidance and acknowledgment of emotional intelligence is sincerely appreciated. I’m both honoured and privileged to have shared in this experience with you. To each and every one of you - THANK YOU.

I’m forever and endlessly working long hours because I LOVE what I do. The connections, the conversations, the ups, downs and merry-go-rounds - I love it all. I’ve never been in as good an emotional space as I have been now. I have my wonderful clients, lovers and friends to thank for enabling me to reach my full personal and professional potential.


Romantic relationships - you take a back seat for this very reason. I’m an all or nothing woman. One of these days, who knows who I’ll cross paths with - but in the meantime, work is my romance - I’m married to my job.

When I set out to achieve something I give it 110% - I don’t know any different; I’m driven to accomplish all of my goals and ambitions in life, and nothing is going to get in my way. Some days I’m tired and exhausted - I’m only human, after all - but I’m also exhilarated, motivated and inspired.

My brain thanks all of you who have kept it switched on and operating at optimum capacity. I’m the absence of the stimulating conversations I’ve been fortunate enough to engage in - I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. Thank you, friends and lovers, for your thought provoking and challenging, conversations and contributions.

I also thank both new and existing clients; some of whom I’ve now known on a personal and professional level for 2.5 years. To all of you, thank you for being you. Thank you immensely, for bringing the best possible version of you to me; to our bookings; to us.

Whilst our relationship is of a professional nature, I know I have many clients whom the relationship digs far beneath the client/provider surface. Like many of you know, I give all of myself to my work, and I know this is most certainly reciprocated by what you give back to me: an uncensored, respectful, raw, authentic you.

Thank you, clients, lovers and friends.

I look forward to creating more memories with you in 2018.


Amanda Valentina

International Touring Escort & Dining Companion
Best Breakthrough Escort
Best Escort (Sole Operator)
Australian Adult Industry Awards 2017 #AAIA2017
Penthouse Black Label Calendar Model 2017
Twitter: @TheEscortAmanda
Instagram: @theescortamanda
Mobile: +61 (0)475 999 555
#TheFoodieEscort & #FoodieEscort

Australia • New Zealand • Asia • London

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