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As the year quickly comes into the last few Months of 2017, I sit back and find myself reflecting on not only this year but the last 6 year Journey and Adventures of my Escorting Career…
Sometimes Life can get blury, as week to week, day to day, sometimes even hour to hour life can change dramatically- (the whirlwind of being a touring, busy Escort) but the one constant feeling I always hold, is the abundant feeling of Gratitude for my experiences, my Beautiful, Loving, Kind and Generous clients share with me. I mean that, i really do. You Guys and Gals have just been such a huge light in my life, treat me with the utmost respect and Love, that it makes my heart feel warm when i think about you. So I guess my rambling post I have composed, is to just say thank you. Really. I know you all thank ME for spending my time with you, but let me just take a minute to send my deep gratitude back to YOU ALL.
If we see Each other on a regular basis- THANKYOU. If you have seen me once or twice, THANKYOU, If you no longer see me as an Escort, but are reading this post, THANKYOU. Even if i have not met you yet, but you have plans to connect in the future- THANKYOU- because I already know i will take gratitude in the beautiful memories we will create together.
I am so excited for 2018, some pretty awesome opportunities coming and exciting adventures already planned! Holidays with clients (my absolute favourite type of booking!) Overseas tours, breath taking new shoots, AND THE MOST EXCITING- Incredible new Doubles partner (whom has not yet been announced- but keep your eye out as I KNOW we will blow your mind....;))

But for now I’m looking forward to my last few Tours for Canberra- (15th-17th November), Perth- (20th-25th November), Sydney-(4-7th) December and Adelaide (18th-20th Dec) before 2018 is officially here! I Plan to enjoy each and EVERY MOMENT. Because that is the only way i know how….
Sending so much love to you my Darlings.
With Gratitude Always....
Honey xoxoxox

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