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Hello gentlemen,

Just quick announcement about touring. I have just arrived back from Canberra which was a wonderful two days visit for me. What I want to make clear, is that when I advertise my touring dates, I do so in advance and for a reason. As a general rule, I don't accept last minute bookings on tour. If you would like to see me when I am in your city, please make arrangements to see me in advance.
My dates in Canberra were advertised months in advance. My schedule was comfortably full before I arrived in Canberra.
As soon as I arrived, my inbox filled with requests to meet by gentlemen I have never heard of in the past.
Why did those gentlemen not make arrangements in advance, as the tour dates were advertised for a long time.
Regretfully, I did not have availability to meet those gentlemen. Perhaps they were not aware of the fact that I do not take last minute bookings, and very rarely I would even have the availability to do so.
For future potential clients. I plan to tour often and frequently not just in Australian cities but worldwide.
Please take note that arrangements must be made in advance as I will not take last minute bookings. It is not my preferred way to tour, and I find that I am too disorganised and uncertain as to the overall outcome of the tour any other way.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.
PS. I will be in Adelaide shortly. If you would like to meet me when I arrive, this is the time to make a time to meet, not when I arrive.

Adela x

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