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Hello All

Just a little update.

By the 1st of March I will have a few new things.

• A new website
• New rates and packages
• A few new services

I've been putting my mine hard to work on how to reward the familiar faces that I love to see and have finally come up with a solid idea on how to show my appreciation to those I see regularly.

On my new website, I will have a locked page, accessible to those only whom I give a password. Here you will find exclusive rates and promos.

I'm really looking forward to giving you a clearer, new and exciting website and it won't be too far away.

I also have a promo on at the moment as I'm only available for one week in February due to study commitments. I will resend out the details of this later this evening.

Check out my twitter page for a sneak preview of my super glamorous upcoming photos. Like nothing I've had before - I think they will blow your socks off!!!

PS: I will be in Singapore between the 8-10th June. I'm mainly holidaying but am willing to accept 2 or so bookings

Looks like it's going to be an exciting year!

Can't you believe I haven't even been a private escort for a year - yep!! My 1st B'day is in the month of April and I've already had so many memorable experiences!!

Hope to see you soon,

Till then,

Much love,


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