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I’m having a very sexy video and photo shoot soon!!

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So far, I’ve engaged 4 professional photographers and a videographer. This time, I plan to do something very different.

The other day, I was having coffee and cake with 2 of my close friends. One of them has been teaching herself how to film and make videos. The other is learning about photography, she has just bought a nice new camera, and is keen to try it out. While chatting with them, I got this sudden fantastic inspiration…I asked them to do an amateur video and photo shoot for me!! The next few hours, we had a great time bouncing and brainstorming ideas for the shoot. We even went straight from the coffee shop to some locations and talked about various scenes and settings for the shoot. I can’t wait to see how I’ll look in the new video and photos shot through the eyes of my good friends who’ll be doing it for their sheer enjoyments!!

I’m truly looking forward for the big fun video and photo shoot day with my friends. We’ve already got some scripts for different themes for the shoot. I’d love you guys to give me your inputs what you’d like to see with my new videos and photos. Please phone, text or email me and give me your ideas. Once my friends and I get the hang of it after the first shoot, we plan to get more props and equipments, and even hire some gorgeous hotel rooms in the future, as we get better and better at it.

I’m sure you are just as excited as I am about my new video and photo shoot.

Please keep an eye on my website over the next few weeks when I publish my new sexy video and photos.

Look forward to hearing you soon, Japanese Miki xoxo

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