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Lunch time liaison. Let's fill the gap in your schedule

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Good Afternoon Gents,

Just a quick announcement that i have created a "Lunch time liaison" package.
Since I've been travelling and touring myself i know it can get quite lonely being in an unfamiliar city where you may not know anyone. Dining alone is not extremely pleasurable for some of us, myself included.

If you find there are gaps in your schedule I'd love to join you and be your lunch time date!

After some light refreshments and a quick get to know each other we head back to your room.. or my room if i'm on tour we can meet at my hotel.

A quick run down - Perhaps we meet at your/my hotel and we have a quick lunch or a coffee or an alcoholic beverage followed by venturing to your/my room for some intimate time. Being day time i will be respectfully dressed in a modest dress with a blazer with light but pretty make up, on lookers would simply think i was a colleague. If you would rather a simpler or more extravagant outfit, simply let me know and i'm more than happy to accommodate.

Since it's the middle of the day and you likely have work or other activities to attend to i assume this rendezvous will last around 90 mins - 2 hours, in saying this though i'll add i'm not an avid clock watcher.

Always happy to tailor packages to you needs if discussed with me. I want to make you happy, that's my number one!!

Lunch time Liaison - 90 minutes to 2 hours $750

Likely needs to be organised with me the day or night before hand as with most of my appointments.
My hair is always freshly washed, i am freshly showered, shaved and presented to the highest standard i can and most importantly to the highest level of personal grooming and hygiene.

However last minute requests always welcome, but not guaranteed.

Amendment: Yesterday in my announcement i stated i was in Perth 10th-14th of July, it is in fact this week Friday the 10th until the 14th of JUNE.
Sincere apologies if this caused any confusion.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope i will be seeing you in your part of Australia soon,

Much love,

Jessie Lee xxx

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