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Greetings from Jessie Lee!

I have announced a Brisbane tour for July, dates being 4th July - 7th July. A decent stay, reflective of how much i enjoyed my time up there with you guys last time!
I simply can't wait to return to your beautiful city, feel the sun on my skin again and catch up with some last time lovers.

I am currently in Melbourne and fly into Perth later this week, arriving on Friday 10th July & leaving Tuesday the 14th July and i simply can't wait till i'm there. I have visited Perth 3 times for personal visits and it is another of Australia's beautiful cities. It seems some of you guys would like to see me as much as i would like to see you as the tour is quite booked, i'm looking forward to meeting you all!!! There is some availability left particularly on Saturday and Sunday so if you're up for a steamy weekend session email me at

After Perth i arrive back in Melbourne on the 14th of June and will be in Melb for the 15th. On the 16th i will be making my way over to Adelaide. I will be in Adelaide for my first tour on the 17th June through till the 20th June.
Adelaide is looking to be a great trip, with a few lovely men locked in and i can't wait! It will be a great trip for me as i haven't been in Adelaide since i was a teenager.

After arriving back in Melbourne on the 21st June i will be in my home town until jetting up to Brisbane on the 4th of July. There's no place like home!!

At the end of June i have a new photo-shoot/video shoot booked in and i simply can't wait!!! To ease my excitement i'm readily preparing my outfits and lingerie and having all sorts of sexy and creative ideas. If you have an idea you think would be great for my shoot, attire or theme wise i'd love to hear your suggestion, i'm all about making you happy. The setting is a luxury hotel.
Until the photo/video shoot i hope i am entertaining you with my selfies on twitter at @JessieMelb

Well that's the next month for me guys, clearly a busy one. I'm studying chemistry along side all this. I definitely have time to see you if you would like to see me the most helpful thing and perhaps the only thing i'd ask for is as much notice as possible so i can try to be as organised as i can. I understand that sometimes the most notice you have in an hour or so, always feel free to send a quick text and see if our schedules align, i hope they do.

Hope you're all keeping well and that i can catch up with you somewhere in Australia!!! If i haven't mentioned travelling to where you are located let me know you would like me to visit. I choose cities to visit based on the number of requests and inquiries i have for a particular location.

Until then,

Lots of love,

Jessie Lee Pierce

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