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Touring, Study and Schedule Update

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Good afternoon everyone,

I hope we all had a good weekend. My weekend was spent in chilly Melbourne and I'm not using the word chilly lightly, it's freezing here!!!
I'm in Melbourne until i jet of to Perth on the 11th of June and i can't wait for some warmer weather and to land in your beautiful city.
My schedule is filling up quickly with new appointment requests everyday, so if you would like to spend sometime with me please get in touch.

Organisation is paramount for me at the moment as my chemistry unit has started today and it's quite a heavy unit.
It covers three different types of chemistry (physical, atomic and organic) and if you see me on tour no doubt my text book will be open on a desk somewhere!
Chem is my favorite subject but it does require me to put in many long days of study, and my study will always come first over anything else in my life.

If you mention to me that you have studied chem, be prepared for me to grill you on some info to enhance my learning and understanding :-)
Just a light grilling though!!

I hope to meet you in Perth, Melbourne or Adelaide.

I am also planning return trips to Canberra and Brisbane but i'm holding off on selecting dates until i know my exam date.

BTW i will also be working on a website in between study sessions, i estimate it will take me about a month, this isn't particularly a bad thing as i will be the proud owner of some new photos, video and GIF's so these materials will obviously enhance the site a lot. I look forward to both the photo and video shoot and the website and i hope it will be of enjoyment to many of you as well.

Lots of love,

Jessie Lee Pierce

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