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Im just adding this here instead of my diary as I wanted to share my cute photo too!!

Im at the tail end of my melbourne tour now.
I have been spoilt so much tonight.
new lovers and gifts too!!
Thank you so much for checking my wish lists and thoughtfully picking gifts I like!

Gifts are never expected but of course always graciously recieved ;):)

The funny thing is, one of my girls this eve was an absolutely stunning Orchad!
It's a running joke between me and my friends because I love to buy them as girls but I can never seem to keep them alive myself :( the ones I give to my friends seem to live for years and become more and more beautiful!!! But I replace mine every few months!
But NOW! I have this beautiful big established one I will be researching my cute little but off and I will make sure it stays alive!!

Thank you so much for my gifts I feel very blessed to have such caring thoughtful lovers in my life!

Im looking forward to adding some new blogs to my website soon too so please check it out soon!

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