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Last Day for Jessie's Promo - Jan & Feb Availability

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Well, well, well...

Here we are at the end of 2016!!! It has been an amazing year!!! I'm going to try to get a diary entry in tomorrow on Scarlet Blue, it will be my first entry so keep an eye out!!

Today will be the last day to get in on my January Promo. It's been incredibly successful and I'm pleased to say I'm almost at maximum capacity of bookings for January. If you email today, I'll get you in ;-)

In the month of February, I will be taking two weeks off due to lab classes and exams these dates will be

Unavailable between the 6th of February until the 11th of Feb AND the 27th of Feb until around the 10th of March. My exam date isn't released yet but will be in between those dates.

So my main February availability will be 1st - 5th and 11th-26th!!!

I also uploaded a YouTube video yesterday (yes another one) and it's titled "So...Jessie, why did you make porn?" I addressed some common questions that had been asked to me and talked about the experience and why I did it. Here's a link

This will be the last I speak to some of you for the year and I will be unavailable tomorrow,

So I'll take this opportunity to say have a safe and happy New Year!!

Let's bring on 2017!!

Thanks for a great year guys!!

Jessie xxx

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