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I invite you to come join my highly exclusive VIP Snapchat club. For the latest and greatest, gossip and news, lifestyle and fun, Snapchat is my chosen medium of connect. With Snapchat you’ll have up to date real time footage and images of Estelle, even when I'm not 'Estelle'. This means you can have contact with the ‘real’ Estelle; the girl who thinks she’s hilarious; the girl who’s not afraid to go on random, spontaneous adventures; the girl feels the need to expose her sexy self directly to you.

Anything from calls for advise, raunchy pictures and videos, musings and wondering, daily life updates and great conversation, joining the club is like having a girlfriend in your pocket. Through Snapchat I talk to you daily, send you material no one else has a privilege to see and am in general contact with you.

I encourage you to give it a go - I have yet to have a member not return to the club. For an experience like no other, you know where to turn,

xx Estelle Lucas

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