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    175 cm

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About me

Australia's Most Highly Reviewed Male Escort for Women & Couples
"Mr Torres is Australia's highest reviewed male escort for women and couples. If you are wanting to hire the service of a straight male escort then do it right the first time and book an escort who has a proven track record of providing a world class service every single time. With Mr Torres you are guaranteed a real, authentic and genuine experience which you will find no where else "

Your desires for a strapping, intelligent, and handsome gentleman come true within Andy Torres. Without a doubt Andy is one of the most exciting and in-demand professional male escorts in Australia. Andy has a wide range of clients from Doctors to VIPs to business owners and everything else in-between. He has built rapports with women and couples off all ages and backgrounds, each with their own reason for contacting him. Andy is like a therapist with benefits, he is not the typical escort who thinks it's about the big biceps and abs, but understands that mental and physical stimulation demands a much deeper understanding and a real connection to make the magic happen. When hiring a male escort for yourself or with your partner, let's get one thing straight... You want to make the right choice the first time. If you want someone who is professional, educated, respectful and an elite in the industry then Andy is the escort you need to book. With his long list of top class reviews on Scarlet Blue and many other platforms you can be sure that this escort is the real deal. When you find yourself in the position of wanting to hire a male escort you can not mentally or physically put yourself in a more vulnerable position, a position that you require someone to share your high values of trust, respect and confidentiality. Andy charges a top rate, but for this you are guaranteed a level of service you will not find anywhere else in Australia, you are guaranteed to feel comfortable, you are guaranteed security and most of all you are guaranteed to walk away from this experience grinning from ear to ear feeling emotionally and physically euphoric.

Whether he is requested to Brisbane, Melbourne or around the local shores of Sydney where he is based, Andy's unmistakable charm and that stunning accent will make you feel like you have just stepped into stunning afar.

Choosing a male escort can be a hard and delicate task and one that should not be taken without much consideration, finding the person who holds all the keys to your inner most needs and physical desires is exactly what you must find in order to call this experience a complete success... what sets Andy aside from the rest is that he is extremely approachable and easy going, however nothing is more touching than his drive to deliver an authentic experience unlike any other male escort in Australia. Andy is a true professional and knows exactly how to make one smile while making them feel instantly at ease. He is a true romantic, a good listener and he will devote his complete physical and emotional attention to you during your intimate time together. Andy will deepen your wants, heat up your inner most needs and have your body, emotionally and physically begging for more.

Whether you have been enticed by his charm, or it is a first time experience in hiring an escort, maybe your body is tingling to be desired or you are a cheeky couple looking for that spontaneous explosion in the bedroom - Andy possesses the magic touch to calm your nerves and give you sensations you have never felt before.

He is an impressive head-turner, with his incredible physique only amplified by his sharp style. Your lust will only deepen further when he reveals his whole self to you in your chosen private setting. You will instantly be reminded that you have made the right choice by choosing this male escort who is Andy Torres.

Not only do his red-blooded, masculine features glisten, Andy is just as amorous in intimacy as he is in relaxed conversation while in the setting of a classy restaurant, or in the privacy of your hotel room, where he can breathe his charming accent into your ears as he firmly yet delicately massages your deserving body.

You’ll be giving into lust, just as you imagined in your wildest fantasies.

Andy is the epitome of an open-minded gentleman; he respects your need for assurance and as always discretion is guaranteed.

So strip away your inhibitions, live in the moment, be spontaneous and cheekily indulge in this unforgettable experience that is Andy Torres



Intimate Full Body Massage $ 500 A taste of Tantra - Full body blindfolded massage with teasing, tingling and lots of kinkiness
1 Hour $ 500 1hr is maybe possible.... but time goes so fast...
2 Hours $ 1000 Boyfriend Experience - A few drinks to calm the nerves then let me show you what you been missing...
3 Hours $ 1500 Most Popular Boyfriend Experience and preferred. Lets not rush and have a proper in-depth experience
Couples hourly rate $ 600 Hire the best and be guaranteed a male escort who will perform, while showing the upmost respect
Couples 2 hours $ 1200 Most Popular Couple Experience - and preferred
Duos with another escort $ 700 I have alot of experience working with other male and female escorts
Overnight $ 3900 Have my devoted attention all night..dinner, drinks, lots of bed time and maybe even a bath!
24 Hours $ 6000 Fast becoming a top seller! Let us explore each other on a deeper physical and emotional level.
Naughty 48hrs $ 9000 Fancy a weekend in another city or some company in your own surroundings? Fri evening to Sunday eve
1) Please do not call me from a private number. I will not answer. Your privacy is always guaranteed.

2) Please note that all my bookings are prepaid in advance. I can not confirm your booking until it is paid for in full. You can pay via online banking or if you prefer you can do a direct deposit into my account via the bank.

3) Please note that booking payments are not refundable. If you wish to cancel you will receive a credit that you can use at any other time.

5) When contacting me please give some information about yourself. Details such as time, location and the type of booking are essential. Please also try to include some other details about yourself so that I can make our time together as enjoyable as possible.

6) Pre-booking is preferred but you can call me anytime for last min bookings

7) Booking costs do not include a return uber

8) My fee's are not negotiable under any circumstances

9) I do not seen single men or transsexuals

10) Please do not ask me for explicit photos, or try to engage in vulgar chat. I will only communicate with those who show the upmost respect.

11) I take healthcare very seriously and regularly get tested.

12) I do not discriminate against anyone. I am happy to see people with disabilities, women of all ages and backgrounds.

13) Photography is strictly prohibited, if you break this rule your booking will immediately be terminated without a refund.


  • Affectionate kissing
  • BFE - boyfriend experience
  • Couples
  • Disabled Clients
  • Fly Me To You
  • Massage
  • Overnight stays
  • Travel Companion
1. A cheeky weekday home visit or late night hotel engagement
Sitting at home on a quiet Tuesday or visiting Sydney for a weekend gateway and feeling needy? You can book Andy to come and spend a few tantalising hours in your company. Shall we start with drinks at the bar or get straight down and intimate between the sheets? You decide!

2. Your therapist with benefits - Lets bring back your inner confidence
Andy has been helping women and couples from all over the world with their bedroom problems and has proved his worth from all his success. Every relationship has it’s little bumps and sometimes it takes reaching out to the person who has much experience with the issue you are trying to solve. Regardless of your circumstances, Andy is open minded and willing to help. What he can offer is years of experience in helping women and couples with all aspects of dating, emotional and physical. From the most simple issues to the most complex.

3. Let's break the ice over dinner or drinks, before ending the night with fireworks
What better way to get to know someone than over a fine wine and a romantic meal in the city of your choice... If you are someone who likes to take things slow then why not inquire about a dinner date, let us get to know each other through deep real conversation and a cheeky dessert, this is a great way to relax and feel instantly at ease. After dinner we can end the night with the ultimate ecstasy.

4. Cheeky Couples - The extra spice in your love life or Andy and his gorgeous girlfriend
If you are a cheeky couple looking for that extra spice in your love life then look no further than Mr Torres. With this being a very popular package, Andy has much experience in spending time with couples and is the male escort you need to bring into your bedroom passion. What separates Andy from the rest is he understands the need for respect while delivering a fun and unforgettable experience for everyone. In order to get the most enjoyment out of your booking with Andy being comfortable and relaxed is the key to our time together. Sharing a few drinks over conversation is a great way for everyone to feel right at ease. As time goes on, things will get more intimate and the real fun will unfold.

5. An overnight extravaganza - The package you really need to book!!
If you are looking for a more in depth experience, a booking where we can really get down and deep then you need to book Andy for an overnight stay. Let's start the evening at your place of choice, get to know each other over some wine and laughter. You could either cook him one of your favourites or we could dress up and hit the town and get more involved over a mouth-watering meal. The night is then for you to choose what path we take. Are you someone who would prefer to dance the night away to your favourite music or do you want to run a hot bath under romantic vibes and scented candles? The joys of booking an overnight extravaganza is that when the fireworks have finally ended, you can both get comfortable and snuggle down for the night, then wake up and do it all over again!

6. The Queen Experience - Put on your Tiara and let me devote an entire 24/48 hrs to you!
Are you not getting the attention you want in your life? Are you craving for someone one to be by your side to share love, laughter, intimacy and much much more. The Queen experience is a new and very exciting package that has already proven it's popularity. When hiring an escort the one thing which is in short supply is time. With this experience we can spend a 24hr period like a real couple, let me provide a complete boyfriend experience from the moment we wake to holding hands in the city, kissing under the city lights and cuddling while we sleep. This package is completely tailored to suits ones individual needs and desires. It is the experience guaranteed to make you feel is the experience guaranteed to fulfil your wants and desires

7. A taste of tantra - A massage with a twist
Working long hours in a demanding job is the recipe for a tired and sore body that is begging for some attention. A taste of tantra is about letting go of those mental and physical knots, a massage for women with a twist of kink! You will start your session with learning how to slow your body down, letting your mind feel every part of your body as you breathe, light but deep, gathering every ounce of oxygen to stimulate your nerves. While you listen to the soothing music in the background Andy will blindfold you then begin to take all of your clothes off bit by bit, you will begin to drift off into a world of sensations. He will work his hands over your deserving body as he now begins to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. You will begin to twitch, tingle and feel sensations you have never felt before. Your session will include a muscle treatment, teasing, tingling and the inevitable outcome you will be begging for. That very very happy ending that you truly deserve. 

When can we meet?

Weekday From Until
Monday Please contact for time Please contact for time
Tuesday Please contact for time Please contact for time
Wednesday Please contact for time Please contact for time
Thursday Please contact for time Please contact for time
Friday Please contact for time Please contact for time
Saturday Please contact for time Please contact for time
Sunday Please contact for time Please contact for time
  • Available 7 days
  • Available 24 hours
You can contact me 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

I am available anywhere in Australia or international by request.


Preferred Contact Method

I will not answer your call if your number shows as private...

If I cant answer your call, please text me your details and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can contact me 24hrs a day, 7 days a week for last minute booking requests. If you are only requiring general info please contact me during daytime hours only.

I am a very motivated person who loves to travel and keep fit, my training regime is intense and I also compete in power-lifting competitions. Having a strong body is one thing, but it is nothing without a strong mind. Everyday I make time to listen to podcasts, Ted talks and one day hope to catch up with Tony Robbins at one of his seminars. I have a strong interest in human behavioural patterns, psychology and the understanding of the human body. Everything in and about our lives starts with a mental thought, so once you can begin to understand this and how our brain works and thinks then everything else will fall into place.

Aside from keeping fit and listening to neurological podcasts I also love to travel. I have travelled to about 25+ countries and have some amazing memories such as riding an old a motorbike through Vietnam for a month and walking over frozen lakes in the Canadian Rockies at midnight while listening to the wolves howling as the moon set.

I am not so much into materialistic things. I think I am quite a modern minimalist type of person who benefits from adventures and experiences rather than living with expensive items.... that being said, one day i will have my Lamborghini and a house that I have built and designed to park it in.
  • perfume

    One million

  • gift cards

    David Jones - Myer - Politix - Gucci

  • food

    Surprise me

  • art

    Surprise me

  • jewellery

    Surprise me

Gifts are always appreciated but not always expected
  • smell

    Coconut, lemon, vanilla...

  • food

    Steak restaurants

  • artist

    Kygo, armin van burren, above and beyond

  • alcohol

    Yummy cocktails

  • relaxation


  • Gifts are not expected, but as always much appreciated


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  1. BY Sammi

    Ahhh those things in life which make you smile on a cloudy morning.... Andy is one of those special memories which really makes me smile! I contacted Andy and I was surprised he replied, i wasnt sure what to expect. The whole process from step 1 was smooth and comforting. I knew from the moment we s...
  2. BY A

    I recently met Mr Torres on his tour to Melbourne. I was going through a little bit of a low point and although I had never used an escort service before I had always been open to this idea. I felt what better time to go for it. I found Mr Torres and in meeting him realised his reviews 100% matched...
  3. BY Sandra

    This was not my first time with Andy nor will it be my last time, however I have to say every experience is different, I learn and experience something new and exactly what I want. He always leaves me feeling empowered and beautiful. I recommend a massage, blindfolded with music and candles - what a...
  4. BY Tanya

    I had a great night with Andy. The whole experience was very relaxed and natural. He’s a great conversationalist and very easy going. He’s polite, professional and was a pleasure to meet.
  5. BY Chrissy

    Some might think ahh... naa... These types of situations might pass through your head and you wouldn’t think it’s even normal, but guess what it is!!! And Andy makes every moment as if he has known you for years. He and I clicked on conversation because he just knew how to make it flow and believe m...
  6. BY Rie

    I met Andy for the first time last week, and it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself! He was so charming, made me feel at ease instantly and we had great conversation. He was so genuine and omg so handsome! He was an amazing kisser and those hands and everything else made the magic...
  7. BY Alex

    I asked Andy to come on a bush walk with me to get to know him better before thinking of taking the plunge. Kiss hello – tick; carried my water bottle the whole way – tick; non stop great conversation – definitely tick; when discussing more private things, stopped or changed what he was saying if an...
  8. BY Alex

    I asked Andy to come on a bush walk with me to get to know him better before thinking of taking the plunge. Kiss hello – tick; carried my water bottle the whole way – tick; non stop great conversation – definitely tick; when discussing more private things, stopped or changed what he was saying if an...
  9. BY Dee

    I’ve been on 3 dates with Andy in the past two months. These words best sum up this amazing man. Smart, sexy, respectful, classy, engaging, amazing kisser, sensual...the list could go on, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination Andy made me feel so comfortable and at ease that I never felt like I...
  10. BY Bella

    Meeting Andy was an absolute treat! He was fun, charming and an incredible communicator. I’m so glad I took the leap and reached at to him. My initial chat with Andy took my by surprise he was open-minded, articulate and so easy to talk to. He knows how to build rapport and connection so seamlessly....
  11. BY Paula

    I’ve hired Andy a few times in the past two months and he keeps me going back for more. I can honestly say that it’s been an absolute pleasure having his company.. he is a gentleman and a great conversationalist and a great lover.., what more could I ask for!!
  12. BY Sarah & Stephen

    If you can’t choose which escort will be the best experience, let me say, choose Andy. If you want a perfect experience you’ve found the right guy. He ticks all the boxes. He’s got the tools for the job and is an expert in using them. He’s no apprentice. We are a couple and booked him for 2...
  13. BY Catnip

    Mr Torres, hmmm ..... where should I start! He has sparkling eyes of blue and hales from the Emerald Isle to you. A damn handsome man with a killer smile it’s true. He can be said to be 100% invested in the time spent with you. He is devoid of sheer arrogance and likes a good chat. He wi...
  14. BY Eastern Subs

    I hit a low point in my life and I needed that boost of motivation that I couldn't get anywhere else. I had been on Andy's website for a few months before I had a few wines on a thur evening and got in touch. Within minutes of our conversation I felt very relaxed. I was planning on booking a 3hr dat...
  15. BY Cassie

    I was nervous at first for so many different reasons but Andy just brought out the best in me. He allowed me to feel comfortable and be me. He was on time and dressed beautifully. He took me for cocktails and I took him back to my hotel. It was amazing and three hours was too short. I am already pla...
  16. BY Lauren

    I flew Mr Torres to Melbourne recently as i just needed a confidence boost and i found myself with some free time. He is such a charmer, confident and the most attentive guy i have ever met. Our 6 HR date was spent chatting, laughing and he made me feel exactly how i wanted. I felt like I was being...
  17. BY Happy Couple

    I rang Andy for a birthday present for my wife's 35th! I was immediately impressed with his phone manner and professionalism. The booking went better than I could have asked for and we extended for an extra hour to have some drinks and chat about the experience. Well worth it
  18. BY Barb

    I spent the most wondering evening and night with Andy on Friday. What can I say other than i am still smiling today. His approach is effortless, charming and professional. Within secs of meeting in The Rocks i was laughing and my nerves were gone. It was safe to say I knew I had picked the right gu...
  19. BY Christine

    When I booked a massage I was expecting 1hour of relaxation..... 3hrs later and Andy was still with me hehe! Hes an expensive addiction but totally worth it! Thanks Andy and thanks for the good company
  20. BY Laura Fenford

    After a long time of planning I finally got to meet Andy Torres. He was very confident on the phone and filled me full of high expectations, may i add that were all met. He is everything anyone could want from hiring a male escort ( maybe a little too good lol ) If this is your first time and you ar...
  21. BY Lisa

    wow wow what can I say! I have such an amazing overnight booking with Mr Torres recently. He is super easy going ( which is what I needed as I was freaking out ) funny, well dressed and absolutely a charmer!! I had saved up and my expectations but Andy you smashed them on every level! Sex - amazing...
  22. BY Mayan Girl

    I have recently spent a lot of time with Andy both in Brisbane & Sydney. He is a very caring genuine person with a very cheeky side, which is very appealing to me ! We have shared a lot of fun, laughter food & wine and spent a lot of time in the bedroom naked which has been amazing ! For me feeli...
  23. BY Alice in wonderland

    Im not really sure I can say anything more than what has been said already about Mr Torres but I will give it a go! I have seen in 4 times in the past few months and with the last booking being a 24 hour date in Newcastle. Having never hired a male escort before I was very nervous so the first booki...
  24. BY Sarah

    I met Andy in Melbourne this past Sunday and initially, i was terrified. A shaking, anxious mess. Any concerns I had were quickly relieved upon meeting. Andy is warm, calm, approachable and down to earth. Everything followed so naturally that the 3 hours felt like 1. Andy kept me present and in the...
  25. BY Ash

    Booked Mr Torres last wed morning in Sydney... Must say it was very out of the blue for me and I have never done anything like this before. Honestly I sort of expected the whole thing to be very staged, and abit acted out but what I got what something I really didn't expect. This guy is one of the m...
  26. BY Lucy SA

    I meet Andy during his tour in Adelaide for 2 hours and I highly recomend. He is special. After divorced for while, I decided to have this sort of date. I looked all Scarlet Blue and Andy Torres was the only who turned my attention: handsome, stylist, type of beard which I like and a very inter...
  27. BY Bee

    Andy has that rare and beautiful ability to sense and deliver exactly what you need physically and emotionally. His mind is as attractive as his stunning body, addictive accent and perfect face. He is incredible company and an impeccable lover. I left with such feelings of lightness, contentment and...
  28. BY Shy Mouse

    I have had a couple of bad experiences with escorts. Mr Torres came to Adelaide and got in touch which I was pleased about because I was no longer going to go down this path. Im definitely glad I did! I'm quite shy when it comes to intimacy, but Andy made me feel so at ease we talked the whole 3 h...
  29. BY Thankful couple

    We had an absolutely fantastic couple booking with Andy recently! We booked for 2hrs initially but after we shared some wine from Margret River and had plenty of good laughs to break the ice the time was flying by so we extended for another hour. We wanted an experience where we could get to know An...
  30. BY Passionfruit

    For me I love playful banter and Andy was able to provide that for me prior to getting physical. As you would expect he was respectful of my wishes and only progressed further once I was comfortable. He is smooth in the bedroom and can provide you with ideas for future encounters with other males an...
  31. BY Sentimental

    Mr Torres gave me a night to remember. With my 3 hour Melbourne booking, I got the judgement-free and easy conversation I was hoping for. We had some great laughs. My favourite parts would have to be his genuine nature and impressive biceps.
  32. BY Lyreen O'D

    I feel a little embarrassed writing this but I just wanted to tell you all about the fabulous night I had with Mr Torres recently!! It has been around 6 years since I have been intimate with a man, even 3 years since a kiss!!! I was recommended that i get the ball rolling again and see a male escort...
  33. BY Amanda

    First Time I had left it way too late to have that first experience and needed to take matters into my own hands. I call it luck when I stumbled across Mr Torres site. I took a chance and just booked. The first phone call resulted in him setting my nerves at ease. The start of the three hour sessio...
  34. BY Laura E

    I was stopping over last week in Sydney for a business trip and found myself glaring through scarlet blue. I came across Mr Torres profile. His photos and elegant biography had me sucked in. 2hrs later and we were enjoying a few cocktails at the Grand Hyatt... this guy is a great communicator, he is...
  35. BY Satisfied lady ;-)

    After a fun night out with friends and a few drinks, I got back to my hotel room feeling a little horny. Recently out of a long term relationship with below average sex, the last thing I wanted to do was hook up with some guy from a bar which could potentially turn out to be really bad sex. Soooooo....
  36. BY Claire

    Mr is a blessing and I cannot thank him enough! I've always been terribly nervous and inexperienced when it comes to sex so I decided to try a new experience. Mr was amazing. He's the first person I've really spoken to about some of my hang-ups about sex. His expertise even extended to a sex therapi...
  37. BY SA

    This is the 2nd time I've seen Mr. Sometimes things don't always turn out like you hoped for and this happened to be one of those times. Mr couldn't have been more of a gentleman and was, as always, very kind, accommodating and understanding. If you're reading this Mr Torres, thank you from the bott...
  38. BY KS

    Mr is a beautiful person who knows exactly what he's doing. He is sweet, charming and has a depth of kindness which I found extremely appealing. He was absolutely lovely given it was my first time being with someone in 2 years and he was so adaptable to the situation. I initially booked in for...
  39. BY Cal RT ;)

    It had been a loooong time since I had been intimate with a guy; work, travel, more work, the usual excuses, and though I am more than happy being single, well…. a girl has needs! So, I started to think about a male escort and, whether I could actually go through with it. I had seen Mr’s profile a...
  40. BY SA

    I recently had the pleasure of seeing Mr over the Queen's Birthday Long weekend whilst I was in Sydney. After drooling over his black and white headshot photo for ages, I finally bit the bullet and arranged a meeting with him. He is exactly how he looks in his photos and is confident, chatty and VER...
  41. BY Jemma

    Morning ladies. If your like me, you are reading testimonials on Scarlet Blue to help you make the right choice for you. So this is my second testimonial for Mr. I am writing this with a post-Mr morning glow. I had an incredible experience with Mr last night, and I've booked him again for a 48hr exp...
  42. BY Jolene

    What a wonderful date I have had with Mr 2 weeks ago. He is very charismatic and this i love about him. I am not a model myself and felt rather embarrassed calling on Mr for a date. He made me feel like the number one lady, give me an amazing confidence boost and showed me all the nice things about...
  43. BY Jemma

    I went looking for an escort service when I was just shy of a 5 year sexual drought. After 1 false start with another escort, I made a last minute 2 hr date with Mr. I was so impressed that I extended the date and booked a follow up over night date before he left. I had low expectations but Mr showe...
  44. BY Sarah

    I decided to treat myself for my 29th birthday last week and booked Mr Torres for a 24hr booking. Mr is such a pleasing bit of eye candy. He made me feel instantly at ease and we shared some great stories from me falling off ladders lol to his adventures around the Canadian Rockies. He is very well...
  45. BY Delicia L

    I called Mr last Monday evening for a 3hr date. We met for dinner at Aria restaurant and had a wonderful meal. I was not feeling so great due to a few things going on in my life but Mr had me laughing alot though dinner, thanks Mr! Our date was supposed to be 3hrs but i asked him to stay another hou...
  46. BY Kate S

    My partner and I have been seeing Mr Torres for over a year now and he introduced us to Scarlet Blue for the ladies too, fantastic website! Mr is genuinely a great guy, and we love having him over. It started off as a 1hr booking but as we got more comfortable and relaxed we like to see him now for...
  47. BY Luareen P

    Cheeky, exciting, and spontaneous haha Im not new to hiring an escort in Melbourne but it was my dad's birthday and while being in Sydney I decided to have some fun. Mr was exactly what I wanted, i am 1/3 Irish so i cant get enough of the accent ( my soft spot hehe ) He is gorgeous is person with p...
  48. BY Annie S

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr for a 24 hour date in Sydney just a couple of weeks ago. Never having hired a male escort before and coming out of a bad failed marriage I was jumping into this head first and was very nervous to say the least!! Upon speaking on the phone for 30mins prior to meeting...
  49. BY Amelia

    I booked Mr for a 5 hour date during his tour in Brisbane. I must admit i was very nervous but after a few phone calls with Mr i was well relaxed. He genuinely is a rare breed, very modest and down to earth which is what i wanted from my experience. He is full of chat, intelligent on a wide range o...
  50. BY Jerrard and Eileen

    We met Mr recently for a 3 hour couple booking, my wife waa very nervous to say the least. Mr was a total gentleman and my wife was very happy with her choice. We had a great chat for two hours with a wide range of subjects and shared alot of laughter before proceeded back to the room for another vo...
  51. BY Jessie

    I recently met Mr during for a last minute hotel engagement that turned into a an overnight extravaganza !! As soon as i met him i was instantly at ease from his jokes and smile. We shared alot of interesting chat ( and two bottles of wine ) The 2 hours definatey wasn't enough so i extended thr...
  52. BY Sarah

    I waited 4 weeks just for Mr to come back to Australia after his long holiday. I was not disappointed! Mr is extremely charming and cute. We had an amazing time in the bedroom and shared lots of funny stories in the bar below. A very good experience and i will certainly indulge again soon! Mawh!!! X
  53. BY Miss J

    After thinkig that my date with Mr would never eventuate due to bad weather and flight delays we were finally brought together. To say I was nervous about meeting Mr would be a massive understatement. This was my first experience with a male escort and I'm so glad I chose Mr. From the moment we sa...
  54. BY Miss X

    Miss X It was a privilege to spend the night with such a lovely man. Mr was thoughtful, attentive and kind. Dinner, drinks and long strolls in search of cocktails and breakfast made a wonderful time go far too quickly. Truly memorable, a woman never kisses and tells, but I can say, pleasurable too...
  55. BY Addison J

    After much hesitation and 20 times of going back and fourth i finally give Mr a call. Upon hearing his accent i was immediately sold. Mr is a lovely guy, sweet, cheeky and full of ambition in life. We chatted about many things over a fine wine before thing got a little more steamy.. i wont go in...
  56. BY San

    Mr can keep you engaged in a conversation about travel, things to do, life.... you can see his passion for all these things by how excited he gets when talking about them. The moment he comes to you, you will feel at ease - and any awkwardness of having hired an escort is brushed away. Intimatel...
  57. BY Gary & jen

    My Husband and I booked Mr to celebrate our 30th year together. We enjoyed a dinner and champ before going back to the room. We really did have a fantastic time and extended for another hour. Was a pleasure to meet you Mr and if the opportunity arises we will definately be in touch again x
  58. BY Brooke

    Had such a fun time with Mr during our 4 hour booking. He is really down to earth person and I very much enjoyed his chat and cheesy jokes, made me smile! He also gives a wonderful teasing massage and I must stay the steamy shower we had together well... you can only imagine!!!
  59. BY Giovanni

    I have had the pleasure of sampling a few escorts in Sydney.... but FINALLY... an escort who can hold a decent conversation and perform in bed!! Mawhh X
  60. BY Renée

    So my first time hiring an escort. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Torres. I choose Mr because he came across a very down to earth guy, and i loved his bio.... the cuteness may also had something to do with it too!! ;) He is a very elegant gentleman who can hold deep conversations and we shared m...
  61. BY Amie

    What a fabulous experience. The second time hiring an escort, the first was in the states a few years back. I was drew to the 'Charmer' due to his accent andddd his body!! Yum!!!
  62. BY Samantha

    I booked Mr while on a recent trip to see Vivid in Sydney. Im not long out of a relationship and needed some emotional and physical company. Mr certainly made me laugh and im super happy i built up the courage to book him and lets just say the physical company was more than i could handle hehe U...
  63. BY Lorraine

    I hired Mr for a 4 hour dinner date. When we met inwas very happy with my choice of escort as previous people never looked like there pics. Mr was a lovely fella and we had a great connection and shared interests in animal's and traveling. We joked and the time at dinner flew past.... after time i...
  64. BY Philip and Leema

    Booked Mr for some play time with my wife. We were nervous but he made us feel well at ease and we all had a fab night. Fully recommend especially if its your first time
  65. BY Laura

    It was a pleasure to meet Mr. He arrived on time, dressed to impress and those teeth were sparking as promsied! He is a gentlemen and can carry great chat. Our intimate time was sensational, long lasting and passionate....he really did make me feel special and comfortable the whole way through...

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