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Currently touring in Gold Coast

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    174 cm

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Australian Tours

To From Until
Gold Coast 23rd April 25th April
Townsville 25th April 27th April
Sydney 27th April 30th April
Airlie Beach 30th April 2nd May
Mackay 5th May 7th May
Gold Coast 7th May 9th May
Cairns 9th May 11th May
Rockhampton 11th May 13th May
Cairns 23rd May 25th May
Rockhampton 25th May 27th May
Brisbane 27th May 29th May
Gold Coast 29th May 31st May
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Get Wet. Stay Warm. Feel Welcome.

I'm based in the Whitsundays. I tour anywhere and everywhere on the east coast. By invitation or reservation. I require a minimum per day clearance of $3000 in QLD, $5000 in NSW and $7000 in VIC for tours. Or... you can always come to me.

I operate on a You-Nique and 'Exclusively Yours subscription basis. I would like to offer you a $1500 Fly-You-To-Me cashback guarantee on all introductory bookings over 4+ hours. The $1500 is used to cover your flights, hotel and airport transfers on me.

My donation plans are dynamic. The Whitsundays is a beautiful place to disappear, find yourself or have a sedative holiday fling at an incentivized rate. Think of it as your Fly-Float-Flirt-Fling-Fuck holiday destination!

Come. Play. Explore.
Devlin Black - Private Male Escort Rockhampton

About me

Come To The Whitsundays & I'll Make You COME!
My Name is Devlin Black. Best Boyfriend Experience in the Business

ENTJ. #4. Taurus. Dominant. Bard.

Look @ my photo gallery. Long and hard. Does it drench your undies even slightly?

I care about Principles. Passion. Pleasure. Yours. Mine. Ours.

Look @ my Tours tab. Would you be interested in my Fly-You-To-Me special?

AAIA Nominee for Alpha Male + Best Boyfriend Experience + Best Male Escort.

Look @ my Rates tab. Wouldn't you rather work something out on a You-Nique basis?

I can offer you Intimacy. Companionship. A relationship. Or something darker...

Look @ my Fly-Me-To-You tab. Wouldn't you rather I flew you to me?

Look @ my Availability tab. Can you make time for quality time, for us?

Lie-Down Comedian. Boudoir Philosopher. Therapist with Benefits. Exclusively yours.

Look @ my Interests tab. Do you see anything that might interest you?

I like food, fashion and f*ckery. I'm mysterious and kind of sexy. .

Look @ my Wishlist tab. Erotic. Organic. High-Res. How does it make you feel?

I'm always ready with a joke, a compliment or a cheeky slap on the arse.

Look @ my Favourite Things tab. Quality. Earthiness. Heat. Does it get you hot?

I'm unfiltered, uninhibited and uncut. Masculine. Dominant & very hairy.

If you're a classy and sexy lady I'm deeply interested in spending an evening together.

Kik GreyWolf204 or Snap Devlin Black for all direct inquires and bookings...


Services include but not limited to the following:

*BF+ Bespoke Boyfriend. From $199 p/w
* Date Mates - Social. Flirty. Conversational. From $149 p/w
* DTF – Nasty. Rough. Hot. From $99 p/w
*Intimate Touches - Sensual. Soft. Warm. From $49 p/w

I enjoy women the way women enjoy chocolate. I want the whole box...

All arrangements available with negotiable donation rates for passion's sake.

I'm a lifestyle Gigolo and probably always will be. A luxurious convenience.

My rates are calculated on a bespoke basis. Every service is tailored to fit.

I need to be happy to have you in my life and sitting on my face... on the regular.

All donations to be made via bank deposit in AUD to Devlin Black Pty Ltd

in weekly/fortnightly/monthly instalments depending on your desired experience.

For me this isn’t about money. It’s about principles and pride, passion and purpose.

Passion is more important to me than profit. I treat you as you treat yourself.

Could you really put a price on something so beautiful this side of paradise?

Worldly wise. Devilishly flirtatious. Affectionately tactile. Exclusively yours.

I’m an engaged listener, active speaker and involuntarily hyper-sensory.

Show me what you really desire in whatever way you feel appropriate.

I do everything on a Vulnerable. Intimate. Passionate or V.I.P basis.

My body is exclusively for women like you to be enjoyed by YOU.

Tell me what you ultimately crave and I will make sh*t happen.

All I can offer you is my time and experience for a donation.

Fly me to you

Melbourne $ 2500
Newcastle $ 2000
Gold Coast $ 1500


Due to state legislation, I am unable to provide details of my services. Please contact me for information.

When can we meet?

Weekday From Until
Monday 08:00 am 02:00 am
Tuesday 08:00 am 02:00 am
Wednesday 08:00 am 02:00 am
Thursday 08:00 am 02:30 am
Friday 08:30 am 02:30 am
Saturday 08:30 am 02:30 am
Sunday 08:00 am 02:45 am
  • Available by appointment
  • Available 7 days
  • Flexible hours by appointment
  • Pre bookings preferred, but can be available at short notice
  • 24 hours notice required
Everything I do is on a bespoke and personalized basis.

I make myself available to those I can pleasure effortlessly.

I have no time for pantomime or pretend outside of the boudoir.

What I can provide is only limited by what you can donate. No lump sums.

I take a bespoke approach to Quality time. I Insist on quality over quantity.

The more you embody these values, the more time I will have for you.

For me this is about making our time together of the highest quality,

I love girls and women I can build meaningful connections with.

My industry reputation means nothing. My principles mean everything.

Once your name is in my 'Black Book' you will have my trust and my loyalty.

I offer you a You-Nique Fly-You-To-Me guarantee on all overnight bookings.

I keep my client list exclusive. On principle. With passion. For pleasure.

Client availabilities are arranged on an independent merit system.

The $ amount is irrelevant. The right people are finding me all the time.

What matters is the opportunity cost on your side of the bed and mine.

The more you donate over the longer term, the more available I'll be to you.

I offer myriad lifestyle arrangements for all kinds of sexy and sassy ladies.

Treat me well. I'll treat you better. I pride myself on my work ethic.

My availability depends on what I am to you and who you are to me.

Show me how much you desire me in whatever way you feel appropriate.

I'm available to you to co-create a You-Nique subscription package for you!


Preferred Contact Method

Kik @ GreyWolf204
Snap @ Devlin Black

Digital Services

  • skype

Boston Expressionism - A modern art movement showcasing emotional directness and dark humour. Emphasizing social and spiritual themes. With a tendency towards figuration that leans on the pillars of satire and absurdism, nihilism and romanticism.

Photography- I have a penchant for black-and-white photography. Primarily erotic nudes and historical architecture. From Bettie Page to Auschwitz-Birkenau. As illustrated by my main photo gallery. It was all shot in black and white because it looks better.

Dark Cabaret -A genre that draws heavily from Weimar-era Germany. Aesthetically decadent and risque with stylings of post 70s goth/punk. Emotional honesty is my introverted adrenalin. Physical intimacy is my introverted cocaine. People are my drug of choice.
  • art

    A B&W erotic nude of yourself in a subtle matte black frame

  • skin care

    Origani Manuka Honey Soap Range

  • toys

    Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090 VC

You don't have to get me anything. The pleasure of knowing I was a better shag than your ex (or husband/SO) is more than fulfilment enough. Giving is more important. Gifts don't have to be expensive to be meaningful. Only practical. Besides, your ex was a selfish-in-bed prick.
  • food

    Wagyu Beef

  • colour

    Emerald Green

  • relaxation

    Hot Stone Massage

  • I'm a complex man with simple tastes. I'm always satisfied with the best. Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. I like hot ladies, spicy food and steamy showers for two. I love finding fun and exciting ways to sweat.

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