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About me

Design-Your-Own-Relationship - You-Nique Intimacy Tailored To You!
Seducer. Performer. Entrepreneur. Converser. Intellectual. Adorer. Liberator.

Smart as a whip with a rapier wit, razor sharp style with a devious smile and a face you’d be happy to ride like a Kawasaki Ninja. I’m sure I could make you spray like a Sea-Doo. I’ve become quite adept at hiding in plain sight. I work for the Special-Executive-Branch of Extramarital Liaisons or S.E.B.E.L. In the Dead Bedrooms Division with a flair for covert affairs and Black operations under the umbrella of S.P.Y – Sensual. Passionate. Yours. I’m half jacked, half jilted, half Tyler Durden, half 007 with subtle shades of Christian Grey for good measure. Rough edged and classy with a dominant streak. I’m quite adept at hiding in plain sight and getting people exactly where I want them to be without drawing too much attention to myself. The mind of a double-agent and the soul of a bard.

I'm The Silver Tongued Devil. Longest tongue in the industry, guaranteed and I can send you a pics to prove it. I’m perfectly proficient at dispensing out a tongue lashing and panty-thrashing for the starving tiger in your tights and I can’t resist a night reconnaissance on the dark side of your lady lawn. For your eyes only, I pretend nothing. I’m an artisan and muse. An engaged listener. A therapist with benefits. An award winning story-teller and a consummate collector of lives broken and beautiful of manic happiness and pheromone depression. I wear my crown of thorns with pride for the unloved and the forgotten. The abused, the traumatized and those who have no one. Because it could’ve been me.

I’m the man without skin. Everything I do to you I do to myself. I feel your pain on a sensory level. The intimate touch. The smell of lust. The intensity of desire. It tattoos itself across my brain. In our most intimate moments there is no me, there is ONLY you. I’m engineered to disappear, and leave you wanting. Hoping perhaps vainly that you’ll miss me and the way I kiss you tenderly in the stillness of the coolness of the intimacies over the course of the evening. Contact me directly for all inquiries and bookings and with a lot of trust and a slow burning lust I’ll do my utmost to be your bespoke tailor-made perfect fit. I make jokes about trash because it takes class to be enlightened. So don’t be frightened. Hear me well Miss Begotten. We’ll make a woman of you yet!

I’ll be sure to make our time together truly S.P.E.C.I.A.L!



Overnight $ 5000 Fly-You-To-Me. Fully Inclusive return flights, airport transfers, accommodation & meals up to $1500.
8 Hours $ 5000 I'm happy to model for $5,000 a day minimum. $10,000 if you want me to get down to the underwear.
Weekend $ 10000 Fly-You-To-Me. Fully Inclusive return flights, airport transfers, accommodation & meals up to $1500.
Fly Me To You $ 10000 I will fly to you. Though I still say you'd be mad as a hatter to miss out on the Whitsundays.


30 minutes $ 74 D*Y*O*R* - Design-Your-Own-Relationship - Exclusively Yours - Intimacy Tailored You-Nique to You!
48 Hours $ 1999 Dating App Burnout -25 - 4 nights for the price of 1 over the course of 9 months for under 25s.(64h)
1.5 Hours $ 179 Coffee Date Maxi - An introductory Coffee meet so you can get comfortable before going further.
2 Hours $ 800 Badass Breakfast Bang - 1h Social. 1h Intimate. Breakfast w/ Coffee inc. Maximum horniness.
3 Hours $ 1000 Lustful Long Lunch - 1.5h Social. 1.5h Intimate. Lunch w/ Wine inc. Moderate horniness.
2 Hours $ 599 Finger Lickin Good - 2h of deep sensuous tongue lashing, deep sensual fingering and pleasure x
2 Hours $ 499 Bang Bang - 2h of what I hope turns out to be the wettest, warmest and wildest sex of your life xx
18 Hours $ 1999 Deluxe Relationship Package - 1x1.5h Coffee Date.1x3h Lunch Date. 1x16h Overnight.(2.5h free)
15 Hours $ 1800 Deluxe Companionship Package - A Weekly 1.5h Coffee Date.(10 weeks)
24 Hours $ 3600 Deluxe Intimacy Package - 2h fortnightly / monthly hot sex session with 25/50% more time.
2 Hours $ 299 Sensuous Touch - Hot oil body rub. front-to-back with a happy ending (multi-buys available!)
Overnight $ 1999 Slutty One Night Stand - Fully inclusive dinner, breakfast and room hire with optional late checkout
Weekend $ 3499 Dirty Weekend - Friday/Saturday Night - Do you want me to fuck you like I hate you? I can do that.
Social date $ 69 Popular Slut Club - Buy Any Package - Bring a Friend - Get 2nd Identical Package 50% off.
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I enjoy women the way women enjoy chocolate. I want the whole box.

I’m based in #TheWhitsundays. My pricing model is dynamic. My smile is as heartening as my tongue is long. I offer a bespoke Design-Your-Own-Relationship experience, DYOR. My business is relationships. Highly intuitive to your wants and receptive to your needs. My occupation is your pleasure. I tailor intimate relationship packages to suit your lifestyle needs.I have no fixed pricing model. I value long term clientele over short term cash. Our interactions are organic. Our time together is completely customizable. All experiences are designed around and for you – an erotically charged and sensous collaboration. I’m exclusively yours, if you need me, if you want me. My schedule is the healthy kind of tight. My volume-of-demand is higher than ever due to recent intimacy distancing this past year. So I’ve met the market in a mask as needed.

I offer you a deeply personalized, non-judgmental, emotionally intimate, mentally stimulating and physically fulfilling service to rescue you from your private hell. All DYOR packages are needs-based and available on a weekly payment plan I provide a co-operative, collaborative sensorially driven bodily exploration of your wants, needs and desires to help you become the best version of yourself you can be. You won’t need a single serving partner, tinder-ghost, psychologist or trashy romance novel ever again. I can do and be all of that and more. Your own bespoke boyfriend in a box. I offer you an affordable, boutique couture luxury in a discrete tourist village. The Wedding capital of Australia. I for one don’t see why you should miss out on the honeymoon, do you? For a weekly deposit you can get more of the delicate intimacies you want.

I communicate through Kik, sometimes email and occasionally Skype. My Kik is GreyWollf204. I’ve been told all too often I look like a younger Mark Ruffallo. I’m intellectually honest and emotionally raw. I can’t pretend to be anyone or anything else. The perfect fit for a season, or perhaps longer. You can’t put a price on the perfect fit. Tailored to measure, made to suit only you. Act deliberately. Choose your words carefully. On purpose. Kik me @ GreyWolf204 with all inquiries… and please, send me a photo so I know who I’m talking to.


All donations to be made via bank deposit in AUD inclusive GST to Devlin Black Pty Ltd. Fortnightly instalments preferred over lump sums. If you are ahead on your instalments you will be pushed up the waitlist as a thank-you. Advanced bookings are highly recommended to avoid disappointment. Availability is reserved by appointment.

All DYOR packages are completely customizable and are available in 3/6/12 night varieties over a 12-month period from as little as $39 per week. I insist on giving you exactly what you want at a dynamic price point. My core values personally and in business are honesty and trust. I want you to be happy with your purchase and I want to be happy to have you in my life.

Base rate for Design-Your-Own-Relationship is $3500 - Could be more or less depending on the style, length and fit of the relationship you desire. There are 7 core masculine archetypes. Wild Man, Lover, Warrior, King, Orator, Magician, Prophet. Which one would you rather be with?

I care more about people than profit. Without honesty and trust, you have nothing. A percentage of every booking goes to White Ribbon Australia or similar charity or goes towards creating a passive income for someone who actually wants it. The AAA is just another sector of the tourism industry in my book. An industry which runs in my blood. The last 13+ years have been a paid holiday in hotels, restaurants and memory-making up and down the coast. I want you on my VIP list. a Must-Do Destination with a Must-Have Muladhara Man. What could be better?

I'm quite adept at getting in your head. Slithering up your leg and into your knickers. Might even be able to worm my way into your heart. What do you want out of our time together? My people mean everything to me. Welcome to the glamorous world of intimate relationhip tourism in paradise. I can be a sexual predator, intellectual savage, social engineer, systems analyst, relationship designer, counsellor, consummate professional and more! The real burning question on my mind is, who do you want me to be?

At entry level a coffee meet is for your peace of mind. If you can't spare $180 to have all your questions answered in person, you have bigger problems than deforestation in your panties. The $180 will be credited towards your package when the commitment is finalized. No coffee date no booking. You need to meet me and question me thoroughly enough to satisfy your curiosity. If you are comfortable to proceed, then I will give you my number. I do my best to perform at my best. I'm an orator extraordinaire and holiday fling specialist!


Due to state legislation, I am unable to provide details of my services. Please contact me for information.

When can we meet?

Weekday From Until
Monday 07:00 am 11:00 pm
Tuesday 07:00 am 11:00 pm
Wednesday 07:00 am 11:00 pm
Thursday 07:00 am 11:30 pm
Friday 07:30 am 11:30 am
Saturday 07:30 am 11:30 am
Sunday 08:00 am 11:45 pm
  • Available by appointment
  • Available 7 days
  • Flexible hours by appointment
  • Please contact me for my availability


Preferred Contact Method

Kik GreyWolf204
Line Devlin Black
Snap Devlin Black
Skype Devlin Black

Digital Services

  • skype

Interested is interesting. I design computers for fun. Write a novel every 3-6 months. Read a book every 2-3 weeks. Drink too much coffee. Get too little sleep. Have too much fun. Enjoy making a woman giggle and giving her an O a little too much.

History - I have a special interest in WW2 Germany. I've collected a a ton of firsthand accounts of perpetrators and survivors of atrocities. With a special interest in the Weimar Republic and Nazi medical records.

Art - The Works of Dali, Giger and Royo are of particular interest. Anything with skulls, biomechanical life or high fantasy is very appealing. I used to sketch. Was too time time consuming. Too expensive. Seemed pointless if it couldn't be sold or appreciated.

Philosophy - I have a bent for existential nihilism, Buddhism and a touch of paganism. Particularly the sadomasochistic nature of dualism. I'm big on Socratic dialogue although I'm probably closer to a modern day Diogenes. Patron saint of dogs.

Books - I was influenced by classic and post-modernists alike. The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Prince, right up to Less Than Zero and Survivor with a touch of Clive Barker and a liberal serving of Ian Fleming. Even though I'm closer to Charles Bukowski, not by choice.

Design – fashion, cookery, architecture, systems, and storytelling. When you look at it all in a parallel matrix everything is governed by the three guiding principles of linguistics, science and math. It all fundamentally expresses the same core framework of concepts.

Photography – I tend to view photography as an art form. I have a special interest in black-and-white photography - especially architecture. For colour I like specific genres of Bat Flowers and Violets. Generally I find you get more depth and contrast in grey photos though

Jewellery - If ever I buy jewelry it's usually from Alchemy Gothic Co or Great Frog of London. Very rare that I get it anywhere else for personal wear. I have such specific taste in jewelry. Rest assured, if I LET you buy me jewelry. I must like you.

Scent - A wonan's natural scent is usually enough. I like incense if not for the smoke alarms. The best scent is the smell of sex, coming from someone who wears danger like a cologne and doesn’t use deodorant.

Grooming - I use natural products. anything with a charcoal or manuka honey base. I use chlorophyll, zinc and hemp seed oil tabs. The occasional Valerian Forte to sleep with a daily dose of colloidal silver to stay bacteria free. Plus biannual Botox into the calves.

Women - I enjoy women, thoroughly. Amazons, dwarves, athletic, voluptuous, single, married, separated, divorced, redheads, brunettes, blondes, waxed or preferably bushy AF, not the biggest fan of eating a sandpaper snatch though.
  • lingerie

    Buy yourself something nice and wear it for me <3

  • flowers

    The rose garden growing in your fundies is tasty enough =)

  • toys

    Buy yourself a Rox-Off Golden Bullet collection or a WeVibe =)

  • skin care

    Origani Manuka Honey Soap & Skincare range =)

  • gift cards

    1) Dymocks 2) QBD 3) Zing =)

  • books

    100 Movies To See... Before I Kill You (Co-Author), The Complete Devlin Black Box Set, (Muse)

  • chocolate

    Whittaker's coconut slab before sex, Whittaker's peanut butter block to share afterwards =)

I want you to look good, feel good and do your best to be your best. This involves many things that you could almost consider to be a wishlist including but not limited to nice lingerie, a well curated bush, a rox-off golden bullet vibe collection, a we-vibe, a good self care routine, the right mask for the occasion and the occasional sweet treat - Me. Pre-booking I give you a complimentary numerology reading and personality profile to assess your needs and alay any doubts you may be having. I don't see the value in nervous email ping-pong. I customize and design all relationship packages on a case-by-case basis. Excitement is key.

I have no desire, incentive or need to bullshit you, rip you off or sell you an experience you won't be 180% happy with. My experiences are bespoke. Tailored to fit your You-Nique circumstances and intimate needs on a DYOR basis with a wide variety of personalization options. You are the You-Niverse. Allow me to be your perfect fit. Unironically I wholesale jewelry and ladies intimates among other odds and sods. All D.Y.O.R packages are You-Nique. Everything in my world is dymanic and made to measure. Nothing off the rack about it. I value personal relationships on all levels. If you don't we're going to have a clash of values.

I love women who understand subtly and nuance. The idea of leaving something to the imagination. The concept of sexual tension is lost on a great many. Less can be more sometimes. I will not tolerate clients in cheap lingerie. There's no excuse. Anticipation makes the heart grow fonder. Everything I do is on a case-by-case basis. I offer my returning clients and lovers - the onex who are honest, open and trustworthy or H.O.T, VIP perks because each relationship dynamic is uniquely different. The Black Bucks loyalty program, is designed to help incentivize you to reach milestone goals in areas of your life that are meaningful to you.

I wish more women would grow a rose garden in their HB lingerie. I don't really like the pre-teen look on a woman, though in comparison to a muff o'clock shadow it is reluctantly preferable. I'm not a keen gardener as such though I do enjoy taking photographs of exotic and sweet smelling flowers. You should buy yourself a Rox-Off Golden Bullet Vibrator collection for yourself, or a We-Vibe for us. Most of the things on my wish list are for you or for us us. Very little of it is for me. It only becomes about me when you want it to be part of your DYOR package. I'm a facilitator until you make me a participant.

I would really rather you invest more in quality skin, hair and nail care, than make-up. One is to enhance, the other is to conceal. You couldn't possibly care enough about me to pay me for my services if you can't administer proper self-care on your own behalf. That's not even a financial or hygiene issue. It's a fundamental of your cognition. I'm an artisan and a courtesan, yes. A professional? Not in Queensland. I'm simply a humble lifestyle Gigolo following his passion. So top secret the state government has sworn me to secrecy. A Gigolo only has two primary mission objectives or PMOs. 1) Make sure the client giggles. Make sure the client has an O.

I enjoy a woman in costume. well dressed doesn't have to mean an expensive peacock. I like masks and hoods, sure. Simple colours, nice lines, women in dresses and skirts. Anything more than three colours is too busy. Doesn't matter whether its a crotchless fishnet body stocking, two piece bikini or backless ankle length green dress. Simple is good. I am not simply for entertainment purposes only. I'm true blue and dressed to screw. a talented cunning linguist who can't wait to go down on you. I prioritize long-term lovers over short term fling, because in all sincerity I hate one time things and value long term friends over short term cash flow.

I love women the way women love chocolate. I want the whole box. Feels like I've said that before. I truly enjoy covering a lover in chocolates, waiting for them to melt and then licking them off very slowly. It gets messy, that's life. I like covering my lovers in Nutella, Reese's peanut butter cups over the nipples and a Whittaker's coconut slab over the crotch. Yummy.
I've got a silver tongued devilish charm and razor sharp wit. I enjoy devouring every square inch of a woman with calculated strategic finesse in the flames of reckless and passionate abandon that only you and I will ever know
  • smell

    The post-coital scent of a happily satisfied woman with a full bush and a warm body temperature. Totally tropical.

  • perfume

    Coconut oil on you, you on me. .Me in you.

  • memory

    A young redhead with skin the colour of glass in a flowing low cut floor length green satin dress with the body of a clarinet.

  • restaurant

    Dickies Dogs, Garuma, The Deck.

  • animal

    Grey Wolf, Goorialla, Apis Bull

  • relaxation


  • jewellery

    Alchemy Gothic or Great Frog of London

  • I love the scent of an aroused woman, almost as much as the erotic reek of a woman who's had an orgasm in the past 45 minutes. I want to take my time lathering you in warmed coconut oil, so you can slide all over me.

    I adore a young redhead with pale alabaster skin in a flowing low cut floor length green satin dress with a 34B cup and green eyes dripping in emerald. I like to eat regularly at Dickie's Dogs. Garuma and The Deck.

    My power animals depending on the mythology are a Grey Wolf, A beaver, a wombat, The Bull of Apis and the Goorialla serpent by blood. I go for BodyTalk sessions religiously, and I would recommend it very highly.

    The only 'designers' I buy from are Balaj (because I have shares in the company) and Peg's Pin-Ups, because she's an independent seamstress in Rockhampton and the only one I trust. I don't accept gifts until the third date.

    If you want to do something nice for me, let me accompany you lingerie shopping so we can pick something out together. If you wear it well, I’ll take it off the cost of your next booking. Buy some jewelry off me. Or a two piece for the summer.

    If I wear jewelry I usually buy from Alchemy Gothic or Great Frog of London. If I let you buy me a piece and I wear it on dates, it means I must really fancy you something shocking. I'm not materialistic.

    I'm actually trying to sell a vast array of highly valued collectibles.Including a 20k comic book collection and a few rare autographed vinyls. I'm a sapiosexual dacryphilliac. With a fetish for golden showers, reverse GBs and cuckqueaning.

    I'm passionate about giving to charities that promote rescuing animals, women and children. White Ribbon Australia and The Butterfly Foundation would be my top 2. If you're going to be a long term D.Y.O.R client.

    I'll donate 1/4 of your 5th booking, 1/2 your 10th and 100% of your 20th booking to my top 3 charities or let you pocket the difference. Grow a bush and get it waxed with a pubic stencil into a heart shape or something funky.

    Get me a referral or give me a golden shower. Deep throat me until you gag to the point of tears in expensive mascara. Wear something slutty just for me. These are all very simple symbolic gestures that require little to no effort on your part.

    If anything happen to me, bury me under a mountain of books and box sets. Women are my only vice. I read them like a book and love eating box in sets of 2-4.If you can find yourself an I Dream of Jeannie Costume.

    Take up belly dancing lessons or find yourself a Morticia or Wednesday Addams costume Get down to a seductive slow motion rhythmic dance routine to the tune of “Black Lipstick Then watch me go into pheromone shock.

    I enjoy being your secret-agent-with-benefits slightly more than I enjoy being your philosopher-comedian-therapist with benefits. Then again I’m only pro-marriage because I have a cheeky fetish for desperately horny housewives.

    I thoroughly find myself alive with passion when entertaining young ladies of discernment with personal stories, inappropriate jokes and intimate touches. I'm equal parts psychological dominant, tactile spy and mad joker.

    I'd love to know what you prefer while you pee on me in the shower. I enjoy crafting a behavioral narrative in an intimate and therapeutic context. i pride myself on being fun-loving, immersive-relationally and thought provoking.

    If we are going to the theatre I would encourage you to pick a costume and a character in the archetypal sense - ideally the version of yourself you'd like to be. I like helping women re-assess, re-frame and re-write the stories that define their lives.

    I do what I do because I want to help you become more of what you are. I enjoy bringing your deepest and darkest fantasies to life. I get a kick out of it that's worth more than money. allow yourself the freedom to be MY passion.

    I love helping women get their life stories off their chest. The good, the mad, the bad and the sad. I'll be right there with you to take your autobiographical confession in a heartbeat.

    It's my role to help you reach independent evidence-based conclusions without giving advice. I'm equal parts loving romanticist, erotic fantasist and narrative behavioral therapist and your company is one of my favourite things.

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