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    0456 716 883

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    175 cm

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Australian Tours

To From Until
Brisbane 26th April 29th April
Availability in Bris/GC on 28th only
Melbourne 10th May 12th May
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Andy Torres - Private Male Escort Australia wide

About me

Highly Reviewed - Professional Irish Escort
Andy is full time escort and you can call him 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. He is available anywhere in Australia by request

Your desires for a strapping, intelligent, and handsome gentleman come true within Andy Torres. Without a doubt Andy is one of the most exciting and in-demand professional male escorts in Australia. When hiring a male escort for yourself or with your partner, lets get one thing straight... You want to make the right choice the first time. If you want someone who is a professional, well spoken, respectful and an elite in the industry then Andy is for escort you need to book. With his long list of top class reviews on Scarlet Blue and many other platforms you can be sure that this escort is the real deal...

Whether he is requested to Brisbane, Melbourne or around the local shores of Sydney where he is based, Andy's unmistakable charm and that stunning Irish accent will make you feel like you have just stepped into the beautiful Emerald Isle. This is what makes Andy notoriously known as the ' Irish Charmer '

Choosing a male escort can be a hard and delicate task and one that should not be taken without much consideration, finding the person who holds all the keys to your inner most needs and physical desires is exactly what you must find in order to call this experience a complete success... what sets Andy aside from the rest of the male escorts is that he is passionate about the sensualities of music, the enchantment of travelling and the curiosities of raw human nature. However, nothing is more touching than his drive to deliver an experience unlike no other male escort in Australia. Andy is a true professional and knows exactly how to make one smile while making them feel instantly at ease. He is a true romantic, a good listener and he will devote his complete physical and emotional attention to you during your intimate time together. Andy will deepen your wants, heat up your inner most needs and have your body, emotionally and physically begging for more.

Whether you have been enticed by his charm, or it is a first time experience in hiring an escort, maybe your body is tingling to be desired or you are a cheeky couple looking for that spontaneous explosion in the bedroom - Andy possesses the magic touch to calm your nerves and give you sensations you have never felt before.

He is an impressive head-turner, with his incredible physique only amplified by his sharp style. Your lust will only deepen further when he reveals his whole self to you in your chosen private setting. You will instantly be reminded that you have made the right choice by choosing this male escort who is Andy Torres.

Not only do his red-blooded, masculine features glisten, Andy is just as amorous in intimacy as he is in relaxed conversation while in the setting of a classy restaurant, or in the privacy of your hotel room, where he can breathe his charming accent into your ears as he firmly yet delicately massages your deserving body.

You’ll be giving into lust, just as you imagined in your wildest fantasies.

Andy is the epitome of an open-minded gentleman; he respects your need for assurance and as always discretion is just as important to him as your enjoyment.

So strip away your inhibitions, live in the moment, be spontaneous and cheekily indulge in this unforgettable experience that is Andy Torres...



1 Hour $ 400 Boyfriend Experience - No one likes to be rushed...
2 Hours $ 800 Boyfriend Experience - We are getting there, but time goes very fast...
3 Hours $ 1200 Boyfriend Experience A nice time for dinner or drinks before moving back for dessert
4 Hours $ 1500 Dinner + Drinks boyfriend experience... The most popular date that Andy has to offer
Couples $ 600 With lots of experience... I show the upmost respect while delivering a fun & unforgettable time
Overnight $ 3300 The perfect time to relax and indulge in a full overnight extravaganza
24 Hours $ 5000 Fast becoming a top seller! Let us explore each other on a deeper physical and emotional level.
Naughty Weekend $ 8000 Fancy a weekend in another city or some company in your own surroundings? Fri evening to Sunday eve
Social date $ 400 Need the company of a sexy man who can act the part to your friends or colleagues? Enquire now
Fly Me To You $ 3300 Please contact for custom bookings
1) When contacting me please give some information about yourself. Details such as time, location and the type of booking are essential. Please also try to include some other details about yourself so that I can make our time together as enjoyable as possible.

2) Payment should be presented in an envelope upon arrival or online banking in certain circumstances.

3) All bookings in advance will be required to pay a 10% deposit.

5) I do not accept calls from private numbers

6) I am a full time escort and you can contact me 24/7

7) Pre-booking is preferred but not a necessity

8) I do not charge any travel fee's


1. A cheeky home visit or last a minute hotel engagement
Sitting at home on a quiet Tuesday or visiting Sydney for a weekend gateway and feel like hiring a male escort? You can book Andy to come and spend a few tantalising hours in your company. Shall we start with drinks at the bar or get straight down and intimate between the sheets? You decide!

2. Lets break the ice over dinner or drinks, before ending the night with fireworks
What better way to get to know someone than over a fine wine and a romantic meal in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne... If you are someone who likes to take things slow then why not inquire about a dinner date, let us get to know each other through deep real conversation and a cheeky dessert, this is a great way to relax and feel instantly at ease. After dinner we can end the night with the ultimate ecstasy.

3. Cheeky Couples - The extra spice in your love life  / Andy and his gorgeous girlfriend
If you are a cheeky couple looking for that extra spice in your love life then look no further than Mr Torres. With this being a very popular package, Andy has much experience in spending time with couples and is the male escort you need to bring into your bedroom passion. What separates Andy from the rest is he understands the need for respect while delivering a fun and unforgettable experience for everyone. In order to get the most enjoyment out of your booking with Andy being comfortable and relaxed is the key to our time together. Sharing a few drinks over conversation is a great way for everyone to feel right at ease. As time goes on, things will get more intimate and the real fun will unfold.

4. An overnight extravaganza - The package you really need to book!!
If you are looking for a more in depth experience, a booking where we can really get down and deep then you need to book Andy for an over night stay. Lets start the evening at your place of choice, get to know each other over some wine and laughter. You could either cook him one of your favourites or we could progress into town and get more involved over a mouth watering meal. The night is then for you to choose what path we take. Are you someone who would prefer to dance the night away to your favourite music or do you want to run a hot bath under romantic vibes and scented candles? The joys of booking an overnight extravaganza is that when the fireworks have finally ended, you can both get comfortable and snuggle down for the night, then wake up and do it all over again! Which ever path you do take, we can guarantee your night will be one to remember. Meet 830pm...

5. The Queen Experience - Put on your Tiara and let me devote an entire 24hrs to you!
Are you not getting the attention you want in your life? Are you craving for someone one to be by your side to share love, laughter, intimacy and much much more. The queen experience is a new and very exciting package that has already proved it popularity. When hiring an escort the one thing which is in short supply is time. With this experience we can spend a 24hr period like a real couple, let me provide a complete boyfriend experience from the moment we wake to holding hands in the city, kissing under the city lights and cuddling while we sleep. This package is completely tailored to suits ones individual needs and desires. It is the experience guaranteed to make you feel is the experience guaranteed to fulfil your wants and is the experience you need to book today!

6. Fly me to you / Holidays- When you know what you really want..
Hiring an escort is a big deal, and it is equally important to find the right companion suited to your personality and needs. If you are not based in Sydney then not to worry...Andy is no stranger to being flown around Australia and international, he is a regular at the airports and have been requested in cities such as Brisbane, Hong Kong, Toronto and Singapore, flying to meet his lucky lady or couple. If you are interested in having Andy come join you on a holiday or to your local area get you in touch with your booking request and he will get back to you with his availability.

When can we meet?

  • Available 7 days
You can contact me 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

I am available anywhere in Sydney or Australia by request.


Preferred Contact Method

Please do not call from a private number

If i cant answer your call, please text me your details and I will get back to you as soon as possible

Andy has a true passion for traveling, exploring the world and learning new cultures. He also likes to spend his time behind the camera, capturing the worlds emotions in stunning photographs.
  • jewellery

    Watches - Armani - Guccii....

  • perfume

    Hugo Boss - Tom Ford - Chanel Bleu De Chanel - Millionaire

  • gift cards

    David Jones - Myer - Virgin - Travel - Armani - Gucci...

Gifts are not expected but as always, much appreciated
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  1. BY Delicia L

    I called Andy last Monday evening for a 3hr date. We met for dinner at Aria restaurant and had a wonderful meal. I was not feeling so great due to a few things going on in my life but Andy had me laughing alot though dinner, thanks Andy! Our date was supposed to be 3hrs but i asked him to stay anoth...
  2. BY Kate S

    My partner and I have been seeing Andy Torres for over a year now and he introduced us to Scarlet Blue for the ladies too, fantastic website! Andy is genuinely a great guy, and we love having him over. It started off as a 1hr booking but as we got more comfortable and relaxed we like to see him now...
  3. BY Luareen P

    Cheeky, exciting, and spontaneous haha Im not new to hiring an escort in Melbourne but it was my dad's birthday and while being in Sydney I decided to have some fun. Andy was exactly what I wanted, i am 1/3 Irish so i cant get enough of the accent ( my soft spot hehe ) He is gorgeous is person with...
  4. BY Annie S

    I had the pleasure of meeting Andy for a 24 hour date in Sydney just a couple of weeks ago. Never having hired a male escort before and coming out of a bad failed marriage I was jumping into this head first and was very nervous to say the least!! Upon speaking on the phone for 30mins prior to meetin...
  5. BY Miss Jo

    Made arrangements with Andy recently and recommend him without a doubt. He was very kind, patient and attentive to my needs. Nervous due to first time booking but he made me feel completely at ease. Had a wonderful time with him and looking forward to future contact. He is definitely worth it!...
  6. BY Amelia

    I booked Andy for a 5 hour date during his tour in Brisbane. I must admit i was very nervous but after a few phone calls with Andy i was well relaxed. He genuinely is a rare breed, very modest and down to earth which is what i wanted from my experience. He is full of chat, intelligent on a wide ran...
  7. BY Jerrard and Eileen

    We met Andy recently for a 3 hour couple booking, my wife waa very nervous to say the least. Andy was a total gentleman and my wife was very happy with her choice. We had a great chat for two hours with a wide range of subjects and shared alot of laughter before proceeded back to the room for anothe...
  8. BY Jessie

    I recently met Andy during for a last minute hotel engagement that turned into a an overnight extravaganza !! As soon as i met him i was instantly at ease from his jokes and smile. We shared alot of interesting chat ( and two bottles of wine ) The 2 hours definatey wasn't enough so i extended t...
  9. BY Sarah

    I waited 4 weeks just for Andy to come back to Australia after his long holiday. I was not disappointed! Andy is extremely charming and cute. We had an amazing time in the bedroom and shared lots of funny stories in the bar below. A very good experience and i will certainly indulge again soon! Mawh!...
  10. BY Miss J

    After thinkig that my date with Andy would never eventuate due to bad weather and flight delays we were finally brought together. To say I was nervous about meeting Andy would be a massive understatement. This was my first experience with a male escort and I'm so glad I chose Andy. From the moment...
  11. BY Miss X

    Miss X It was a privilege to spend the night with such a lovely man. Andy was thoughtful, attentive and kind. Dinner, drinks and long strolls in search of cocktails and breakfast made a wonderful time go far too quickly. Truly memorable, a woman never kisses and tells, but I can say, pleasurable t...
  12. BY Addison J

    After much hesitation and 20 times of going back and fourth i finally give Andy a call. Upon hearing his accent i was immediately sold. Andy is a lovely guy, sweet, cheeky and full of ambition in life. We chatted about many things over a fine wine before thing got a little more steamy.. i wont g...
  13. BY San

    Andy can keep you engaged in a conversation about travel, things to do, life.... you can see his passion for all these things by how excited he gets when talking about them. The moment he comes to you, you will feel at ease - and any awkwardness of having hired an escort is brushed away. Intimat...
  14. BY Gary & jen

    My Husband and I booked Andy to celebrate our 30th year together. We enjoyed a dinner and champ before going back to the room. We really did have a fantastic time and extended for another hour. Was a pleasure to meet you Andy and if the opportunity arises we will definately be in touch again x
  15. BY Brooke

    Had such a fun time with Andy during our 4 hour booking. He is really down to earth person and I very much enjoyed his chat and cheesy jokes, made me smile! He also gives a wonderful teasing massage and I must stay the steamy shower we had together well... you can only imagine!!!
  16. BY Giovanni

    I have had the pleasure of sampling a few escorts in Sydney.... but FINALLY... an escort who can hold a decent conversation and perform in bed!! Mawhh X
  17. BY Renée

    So my first time hiring an escort. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Torres. I choose Andy because he came across a very down to earth guy, and i loved his bio.... the cuteness may also had something to do with it too!! ;) He is a very elegant gentleman who can hold deep conversations and we shared...
  18. BY Amie

    What a fabulous experience. The second time hiring an escort, the first was in the states a few years back. I was drew to the 'Charmer' due to his accent andddd his body!! Yum!!!
  19. BY Samantha

    I booked Andy while on a recent trip to see Vivid in Sydney. Im not long out of a relationship and needed some emotional and physical company. Andy certainly made me laugh and im super happy i built up the courage to book him and lets just say the physical company was more than i could handle hehe...
  20. BY Lorraine

    I hired Andy for a 4 hour dinner date. When we met inwas very happy with my choice of escort as previous people never looked like there pics. Andy was a lovely fella and we had a great connection and shared interests in animal's and traveling. We joked and the time at dinner flew past.... after tim...
  21. BY Philip and Leema

    Booked Andy for some play time with my wife. We were nervous but he made us feel well at ease and we all had a fab night. Fully recommend especially if its your first time
  22. BY Laura

    It was a pleasure to meet Andy. He arrived on time, dressed to impress and those teeth were sparking as promsied! He is a gentlemen and can carry great chat. Our intimate time was sensational, long lasting and passionate....he really did make me feel special and comfortable the whole way throug...

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