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True GFE - Does it really exist? A client's perspective

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The time has come for a blog entry from the client's perspective on this topic and is a first for me anywhere. This entry is dedicated to the incredibly wonderful ladies who work in the escorting industry. This does not contain any details of times spent or people named.

My experience over time has been one of immense pleasure and growth as a man. So what has changed me and what is it that makes it so special for me? Ultimately does the "true GFE experience" really exist?

Like many inexperienced gents who had never been to an escort I started visiting licenced establishments. I really was out of my depth and had never ventured there before. I really knew nothing. After a little while it became evident to me that I was looking for something different. Don't get me wrong the times spent there were never wasted, always fantastic and I still have great memories. It was more a personal experience and on a deeper level than the 1 hour experience. Yes going for a longer booking and seeing a lady again may have provided some of that. But alas it never eventuated. For me I had heard the term GFE but had not really found it. I had come close. Some also call it the true girlfriend experience.

I started looking at private escorts and was surprised at the vast differences out there in every way possible. There really is something for everyone! Again very very out of my depth I was really unsure what to make of it all. Certain online forums did open my eyes but I was also cautious of the myriad of hype and too much detail. Through online chatrooms I could interact with some ladies. It gave me the confidence to actually go through with a booking a private escort.

To my delight the experience was great and I am forever grateful for the care, tenderness and attention provided. It was then I realised that a private escort was actually the option for me. But that is not where this blog ends.

As one does, the selection of a private escort was very difficult. For me the decision is about the personality and how we 'connect'. Social media plays a part in the getting to know someone (I will leave that topic for another blog). The true interaction comes with the exchange of information through emails and getting to understand each other. As one who has been 'screened' by a lady before being allowed to meet I can see the real benefit in a lady doing this (I was too niave to know I was being screened). Patience is definately a virtue, perciverence pays off and just being yourself is my advice.

What have I found?
The private escort world is a very complex but amazing world to be in. The true GFE does exist but really only when you let your guard down, be yourself, show respect, be attentive, be totally honest and be a gentleman that your mother would have been proud of does it appear to happen. Well for me anyway. When this all falls into place with someone you meet and connect with you will find that the experience actually transcends all others. I have found this and can only say that it has changed me a good way too. The category of a 'regular' is now where I see myself falling into more and more. 2015 certainly has been life changing in that respect and taking me places I never even dreamt of. I am still relatively new at this (still less than 12mths in for private).

So to the 'clients' out there...choose well and wisely. Be truthful, honest and repectful always.

To the ladies thankyou for being there. You simply are amazing profesisionals who have shown care and support in so many ways. Communication before and after makes a world of difference. The little things you do to show you care is appreciated. Making a man feel as though he is special truly is the absolute difference.

Yes the true girlfriend experience does exist...

ToyburuBoy xx

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