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Forums and social media. Details details it all really required?

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The following is yet again from a male client's perspective and is designed to shed a little light on what I have seen in the relatively short time I have been involved in all of this.

The absolute details of the escort business seems to be one of ever growing proliferation. In the day before internet forums, emails, blogs, chat rooms, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, webcams, Twitter etc etc etc life really must have been a lot simpler. Admittedly very much harder to find an escort that you might like but equally harder to use, share and in some cases be not used appropriately. As one who does not know what those days were like in booking an escort I can only comment on the present day.

Finding out about establishments, agencies, private escorts and everything in between initially was relatively easy. Scan the local newspaper and check the classifieds section...crude advertising really. Then there are a myriad of internet sites advertising establishments and also ones specifically that are known as forums.

To be honest the term punter is not a term I like to use as it assumes you are going to be taking a gamble. Experience on my part shows this not to be the case if you do your homework. Communication prior to meeting a lady can make a huge difference to both parties. There are many of these forums in Australia and overseas with many having both client and provider input (advertising plays a key role where providers are involved). The levels of detail on a forum can be anything from the good, the bad, the quick review, the respectful review and to the most explicit detailed unrespectful review (sadly a growing common number). The sharing of what some commonly call the 'blow by blow' information. Within these forums they also commonly trade on levels of User access to different parts of the forum based on your input and volume of posts. With this comes privileges to areas not available to providers where even more detailed information can be shared without their so called eyes across it. Of course nothing is sacred on the internet and a forum is the last place to expect anything to be kept confidential. At first I thought it was good to get to know this part of society that I never knew existed. Naively and starry eyed I posted and commented. I got to know a few private escorts through it which was great, but after a while and getting different access I was then confronted with things that I was not actually comfortable with knowing or seeing. What is often an underlying part of these forums is the sharing of information between members through private messaging. Just like sending a private email to someone it happens within these forums...and sadly it does. After experiencing this as a recipient on these forums I myself no longer partake at all. In many cases the lady involved had no way of seeing and responding. Yes sometimes posts would be taken down by the site moderators but even their responses many a times were not in the lady's interests and really never dealt with the issues. I started questioning other member's behaviour and the site moderators. In some cases support from other members but invariably the volumes were too high.

So through it all it led me to social media and Twitter. I found a very different world at first and found the interaction between both client and providers were very friendly and gave a better insight into the actual personality of the lady. I reduced the forum use and increased social media usage. It was rather prolific at first and became very much all too consuming. Again at first it was fun, entertaining but again I was naive (and to a large extent probably still am). My list of followers was increasing with lots of both male and female followers. Likes, re-tweets, comments, follow backs and direct messages all fueled usage of social media to become something I never ever intended it to be...another form of the forums. What I found was people contacting me...just like in the forums. My standard response was if you want to know something ask the lady. If they persist then it was an unfollow and in some cases a block. I was being led down a path that was against what I had originally started down and my own standards. Changes to my social media accounts and usage occurred. At the end of the day I have become true to who I am. Just an average guy on jouney.

The lessons to learn?

For all involved be careful what you post, share and send people through private means. Social media and forums can be positive but are very open to inappropriate use. Be respectful.

Absolute details in forums and social media are not required. This goes for reviews as well. The best way is for the lady involved to agree on allowing a review, read it first and approve before it is published. I have written and sent a review for a lady which never gets published. Why? Because it is my way of thanking her in a way that they know how much I valued their time.

Being honest and respectful at the end of the day is where your head needs to be.

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