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Things You Should Know About Me

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I love writing this guest blog for Scarlet Blue. It’s a chance to have a good, megalomaniacal rant to myself and whoever happens to be listening. Being by nature a quiet and shy sort of person, I relish the opportunity to offer an opinion. I find that it’s also easier for me to talk about myself. I’m not generally comfortable being the centre of attention at parties…blogging is my chance to make up for all my quiet time.

New clients often read this blog before they book, and it has led to some interesting conversations. Today I’d like to focus more on the personal. I don’t often get the chance to get to know someone before we meet. We might exchange a few emails or have a chat on the phone, but it’s hard for a new client to get an idea of what sort of person I really am (there are clues there, but it’s not the whole story). Here are some personal details I would love for my clients – or potential clients - to know…

I’m not the sort of person that talks about myself. I’d prefer to listen. But if we get to know each other you’ll find that I do share more, especially over longer bookings. A dinner date leads naturally to more comfortable talk about where I’m from, where I’ve travelled and what else I do for a living. Don’t expect those details to be given up over a one hour encounter!

I have a quirky sense of humour that’s a little bit dark and also a bit silly. It helps make guys feel at ease in the bedroom, as I know it can be nerve wracking being with someone who takes themselves too seriously. However be warned: you may be subjected to the occasional bad joke or pick-up line, and I’m sorry about that. Hopefully we’ll share a similar sense of humour - my best clients often do.

I don’t judge people by appearance. Really. I don’t mind what ethnicity you are. I’m not fazed by age, experience or ability. I don’t care if you carry a few extra pounds. As long as you are polite, gentle and have good personal hygiene, we will get along fine.

I believe sex is supposed to be fun, not serious. There are some serious moments, but generally it’s more about being yourself. Take this for example: a beautiful lady once accidentally kicked me in the head during a couples’ booking. It was really funny and we had to stop a moment to belly laugh. We were enjoying ourselves and it didn’t matter if it wasn’t perfect. People often take sex way too seriously, and they feel like they’ve let themselves down if they don’t do everything perfectly. I believe the best sex happens when you are being yourself and enjoying yourself.

I’m going to make myself at home – as soon as I’m invited into your hotel room I will generally kick my stilettos off, pour you a glass of wine from the bottle of excellent cabernet sauvignon I have in my handbag, and start asking personal questions as though we are old friends. Experience has taught me that familiarity is the best way to go, so don’t be too surprised if I’m down to my lingerie and lounging on your bed by the time we’ve gotten through the first glass.

I’m a chocolate addict – sugar is the only drug I have ever been interested in (apart from the aforementioned red wine). It’s one of the reasons I train so hard in the gym: I need to stay fit and also stay on top of my chocolate habit! If you are a connoisseur then please do have some chocolate at the ready – preferably Haigh’s or Koko Black. You never know what we’ll end up doing with it...I love food play as long as I eventually get to eat some.

I’m neither naughty nor nice, but somewhere in the middle. My interaction with you will depend on your demeanour. If you are a sweet romantic then our time together will be gentle and passionate. If you’re a bit of a naughty boy (or girl) then there might be some spanking or dirty talk. I love the way that a person’s individual character brings out different aspects of my personality. Just be yourself and let’s see how we connect; it’s different every time but always one-hundred-percent genuine.

That’s enough about me – how about you? Visit my profile on Scarlet Blue for more information about booking some personal time with yours truly.
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