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The Wolves of Winter

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What’s your favourite way to get through the winter?

I’m very particular about the sort of Winter I enjoy. I don’t believe in the rainy, grey misery that Melbourne inflicts upon us every year. If it has to be cold, let it be REALLY cold. Let it be snowing so hard that I need an entire fortress in which to take shelter…

 I can hear the wind whistling, battering at the doors. It’s so cold that the wolves are circling my fortress in the dark, seeking a safe place to rest. My fortress boasts a giant fireplace. It is at least as tall as a doorway and wider than I can reach to either side with my arms outstretched. Leaping flames warm the hearth stones, so I can stand there in my bare feet and feel the heat on my skin. I can take off all my clothes if I want to and dance around. The fire drives the cold away.

The rest of my room is just as comfortable. There are thick rugs on the floor and cushions large enough for my wolves to curl upon as they rest in front of the fire. The wolves have been out all day in the cold, hunting men. One has been delivered this very evening and he lies on the hearth.  I don’t know who he is or where he has come from. The wolves have stripped him naked and left him at my feet, an offering.

I sit cross-legged with a cup of warmed wine and watch him as he begins to regain his senses. 

He sees the cavern of the ceiling, windows lit only by moonlight. He sees the huge canopied bed in the dark corner of the room. He sees the giant wolves. They growl softly, warning him not to move.

“I see you’ve met my friends?” I smile at him, “Don’t worry, they won’t hurt you…unless I want them to.”

He is breathing fast. The way his naked chest rises is alluring. The stubble on his chin is similarly attractive; I want to run my thumb along his jaw, breathe in his scent. 

“Where am I?” he demands.

“You are in the Fortress.”

“I thought I was in Melbourne-“

“No!” I snap. “You are mistaken. This is the Fortress – my domain of Winter pleasure. Now you must listen to my instructions.”

He nods warily.

“You will address me as Miss Wolf” I tell him. “You will follow my instructions while you’re here. Do as I say, and you will have experiences most men can only dream of. But…if you wish to leave, you may say so now and the Wolves will deliver back from whence you came.”

There is nothing to say. He cannot run away, any more than I can resist reaching out to touch him.

I set my cup upon the hearth stones. I am unselfconscious in my nakedness. The fire has coated me so that as I kneel behind him he can feel my radiance; warm skin against cold.  My arms fit snugly around him. He sighs as I run my hands over his chest and belly.

“Let me banish the Winter from your body…” I whisper.

…so as you may have guessed, my favourite way to get through Winter is to watch Game of Thrones, write salacious stories and have lots and lots of really hot sex. If that’s not a coping strategy, I don’t know what is.
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