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The Whole Package

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One of the reasons I love my job so much is that I’m always finding myself in situations where I really don’t feel like I’m at work. Last week I met a regular client of mine at my favourite café, Heart Attack and Vine in Carlton. We ordered iced chocolate, sat at a tiny table up the back and had an animated conversation for two hours about travel, bungee jumping, and office politics. After that, we saw a wonderfully weird art-house movie called Anomalisa at Cinema Nova.

I feel like I’m getting really good at attracting the right sort of people to work with. All of my regulars are quirky and individual. They are geeky, adventurous, perhaps a little subversive. They also tend to be introverted. We have a lot in common and that makes these sorts of dates possible: long hours over coffee talking about the things that really interest us.

Even before doing sex work, I was always more attracted to the person – the whole package -than to just appearance. Don’t get me wrong – I do enjoy conventionally attractive guys and gals, but finding someone intellectually stimulating has always proven more alluring. This has proven a great asset in my job – it means that how well I work with my clients depends entirely on how much I like them, rather than their bank balance, or taste in suits, or height, or weight.

The unfortunate flip-side of this is that no matter how ‘hot’ or cashed-up someone is, I simply cannot stand to be around them if they’re not nice people. This can make things hard sometimes, especially considering that once I think someone is being mean or small-minded, I’m completely unable to keep my mouth shut about it. There’s nothing more awkward than being in the middle of a dinner date with a new client, only to have to give them a lecture about race relations or homophobia.

The same applies to guys who like to gossip or bad-mouth other ladies in the industry. It’s a surprisingly small scene and we tend to all know each other, via Facebook, dinners and other social events. There is much less competition and cattiness than you might think – on the contrary, we all tend to stick up for and look out for each other.  If a client speaks badly of another escort I’m always inclined to stick up for them, unless there has been a clear breach of ethics. I’m not interested in hearing other women put down. It always makes me wonder what the same client will say about me behind my back.

Now that I’m in the habit of looking at the whole person, it’s hard to disregard those details that make someone interesting. Enjoying the entirety of a person is one of the best things about escorting for me. It’s given me the chance to find more ways to be attracted to someone than just their physical appearance; being more attuned to all the facets of a person, good or bad…especially their taste in cinema. Let the adventure continue!
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